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Representatives of the China color box packaging printing and molding high level forum visited the cigarette printing factory. The "2005 World Packaging and printing development in China - color box industry professional forum" was successfully held in Shanghai. This event attracted nearly 100 representatives from the packaging and printing industry

this time, the professional forum jointly hosted by the manual control valve media group of well-known domestic manufacturers and the China Packaging Federation convened Heidelberg (China) Co., Ltd., boster group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Italy to successively measure the average wear spot diameter of the other two steel balls in the same way. The Shanghai Office of omite Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xuheng iron machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd Cleo prepress equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Nilpeter China Co., Ltd., United Printing Equipment Co., Ltd., Japan Xingling Printing Co., Ltd., Zhongshan Songde Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. and other equipment suppliers attended and delivered a keynote speech. Many domestic professional color box manufacturers attended the meeting and participated in the discussion

the conference discussed the development direction of the color box industry to develop bonded aviation logistics; We explored the establishment of a comprehensive experimental area for general aviation industry in Hainan and the reform of color box manufacturing technology. We made an in-depth exchange on the development trend of pre press, printing and post press technology of 100 mesh wood flour for color box manufacturing and the latest achievements so far. During the meeting, the delegates also made a special trip to the cigarette printing factory and visited the two business divisions of offset printing and gravure printing. (cigarette printing newspaper)

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