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Report on Li Kong's participation in Guangzhou International Industrial Control Automation Exhibition

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the 10th international industrial control automation and Instrumentation Exhibition was grandly held in Pazhou Exhibition Hall of Guangzhou China Export Commodities Fair from March 6 to 9, 2006. Beijing Sanwei Force Control Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the event.

during the exhibition, it attracted many friends from the industrial control industry to stop and watch, so that more people can understand industrial configuration software. The technical support engineers of force control conducted on-site with customers They also demonstrated the powerful man-machine interface configuration tool of force control software, a more reliable and fast graphical interface operation system and an advanced distributed real-time database. At the same time, they also watched the integrated solutions and engineering examples of industrial process automation

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another main task of this exhibition is to introduce new products to the public. On the basis of the continuous improvement of the original products, combined with the new needs of the industry and the feedback of the majority of users, we launched the latest product of force control forcecontro, and launched the pilot l5.0 of green packaging utilization in major brand express enterprises and express logistics information platform enterprises. The new products have many new features: the new version supports complete software redundancy Yuhe hot standby system supports distributed network access and multi-layer network redundancy, which greatly improves the security and stability of the software; The force control software distributed in different nodes of the network can communicate freely between nodes, forming a complete distributed network system. The c/s and b/s network systems composed of force control software support dual fault-tolerant switching and other functions

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this exhibition was held smoothly. I am very grateful to the support and love of new and old friends of force control. Force control software will improve its products with the continuous development of industrial control industry with hardness, strength and rigidity similar to metals, so as to meet the needs of more customers and contribute to the development of industrial automation

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