Report on the trading results of the third China P

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Report on the trading results of the third China Plastics Fair

the fourth China Plastics Fair, namely the Brinell hardness (HB) fair, which lasted four days, has successfully concluded. After widely soliciting the opinions of all exhibitors, this exhibition changed the name of "China Plastics Fair" to "China Plastics Fair", which has richer connotation and highlights the comprehensive display function of Plastics Fair, including plastic products, raw materials, machinery, molds, technology, etc. On the whole, this plastic trade fair is a relatively successful professional exhibition in the domestic plastic industry in terms of form, content, influence and actual effect. Next, the achievements of this trade fair and the direction of future meetings are reported as follows:

first, the achievements of this plastic fair

the exhibition area of this conference is 25000 square meters, divided into five exhibition areas, with a total of 1000 booths. Due to the successful holding of the two plastic trade fairs in previous years and the fruitful publicity and Exhibition recruitment work of this plastic trade fair, all booths are full. The feedback information from the survey of exhibitors and visitors fully shows that this fair has received the expected results, achieved and exceeded the scheduled goals, and the participants are very satisfied, fully affirmed and highly praised. This is another all-round exhibition and transaction of plastic products, raw materials, machinery, molds and technology, and another gathering of elites from plastic business, scientific research, technology and theoretical circles. According to statistics, there are 60000 effective visitors from domestic provinces and cities and countries such as the United States, France, Italy and Hong Kong. The on-site contract turnover of the exhibition is 889 million yuan, and the amount of intention agreement is 835 million yuan. Compared with the second plastic fair, the growth rates were 8% and 36% respectively. As a professional exhibition of China's plastic industry, this plastic Fair has made new breakthroughs in the wide participation of relevant industries and foreign procurement. The exhibition booths of domestic first-class plastic machinery and mold machinery such as Haitian plastic machinery, Zhende machinery and Bochuang machinery were actively negotiated and traded. Haitian plastic machine contract turnover of 10million yuan, intention agreement of 40million yuan; Bochuang machinery contract turnover is 9.3 million yuan, and the intention agreement is 35 million yuan; The turnover of Shenda plastic machinery contract is 21.6 million yuan, and the intention agreement is 18 million yuan; The transaction volume of Zhende machinery contract is 8million yuan, and the intention agreement is 45million yuan. The common ones are: yuan

II. Characteristics of this Plastics Fair

(I) richer content

the third Plastics Fair will continue to be co hosted by Sinopec and PetroChina, as well as China Plastics Association and China Plastics Machinery Association, two national industrial associations, and Taizhou Municipal government. Chen caican, the vice governor of the provincial government, and the leaders of the Ministry of Commerce attended the opening ceremony and cut the ribbon. The senior vice president of Sinopec personally attended the meeting. The relevant heads of the two associations attended the meeting and reported on their cooperation at various venues. During the fair, there were not only comprehensive exhibitions and transactions of plastic raw materials, products, machinery and molds, but also various enterprises were organized to hold the promotion and press conferences of new products and technologies, and experts and scholars were invited to hold on-site technical consultation, special lectures and symposiums of exhibitors and merchants, so as to build exhibitors, purchasers, local enterprises Industry associations and government departments have participated in extensive exchange and cooperation and trade negotiation activities, and established long-term cooperative relations. In the 2003 'China plastic building materials high tech seminar held this year, China Plastics Association organized more than 10 authoritative experts in the plastic industry to make academic reports and on-site consultations. Compared with the past, the topics of the symposium tend to be more professional and practical, closely follow the development pulse of China's plastic industry, and also meet the development needs of enterprises in Zhejiang and Taizhou. In order to increase the cultural atmosphere, a large-scale theatrical evening party of "meeting road and bridge" was held, which enriched the activities of the whole conference. Therefore, in terms of form, this fair is not only warm and grand, but also rich in content. It is the highest specification and the most grand exhibition activity in Taizhou history

(II) more professional

the scope of exhibitors in this plastic fair is limited to the industries of plastic raw materials, machinery, molds and products, and no non plastic industry enterprises participated, which fully reflects the professionalism of the exhibition. Nearly 1000 booths were set up in this fair, with more than 500 enterprises at home and abroad participating. As a highly professional exhibition, such a scale is relatively large in all professional exhibitions at home and abroad. Among the participating enterprises, first-class enterprises in the domestic industry participated in the exhibition, which can be described as a gathering of heroes. Plastic raw materials include Sinopec, PetroChina, Taiwan plastics, Shanghai Jiye, Sinochem International, etc; In the category of plastic machinery, enterprises such as Guangdong Zhenxiong, Ningbo Haitian, Guangdong Bochuang, Wuxi Gran, Hong Kong Jiaming, etc. brought the most advanced plastic machinery to the exhibition; Plastic molds include Beijing Jingdiao, Nanjing Sikai, Jiangnan Electromechanical, etc; Plastic products include Yuyao Jingliang, Ningbo Qimei, Shanghai Jinci, etc. The grade of plastic products is also quite high. There are new and high-quality products brought by enterprises in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Only export-oriented product enterprises in Taizhou participate in the exhibition, which limits the entry of low-grade plastic daily necessities. At this exhibition, a large number of local professional enterprises such as Taizhou Yada Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd., Taizhou Huanli Machinery Co., Ltd. and Huangyan Dongfang Mold Co., Ltd. also appeared at the fair, fully demonstrating the overall strength and scale of Taizhou Plastic industry enterprises, and fully embodying Taizhou's style as the "Kingdom of plastic products" and "hometown of molds". The Symposium on high and new technology of plastic building materials invited first-class experts from scientific research institutions in the plastic industry to conduct academic exchanges, and make reports and consultations. Therefore, on the whole, this plastic fair represents the development level of China's plastic industry to a certain extent, and also represents the scientific and technological strength of China's plastic industry and the latest developments in scientific research theory

(III) wider influence

through two years of efforts, the popularity of "plastic trade fair" has been greatly improved and its influence has further expanded. The exhibitors of the conference are widely distributed, involving more than a dozen provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, as well as the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Plastic industry associations in six provinces and one city in East China and plastic associations in Guangdong and Hunan all organized delegations to attend the meeting and observe; Business people from France, the United States, Italy and other countries also participated in the exhibition; Many domestic exhibition companies, including Hong Kong Yashi, which has considerable strength in the industry, then form exhibition companies by adding metal cores, tin, silver and copper through heated inkjet heads, have sought cooperation intentions. Taizhou Plastic products, mold manufacturing enterprises and related industrial and commercial enterprises of household appliances and machinery enthusiastically attended the meeting. The trade fair lasts for four days, with a large number of people every day and a lively scene. The second meeting of the third session of Shanghai plastics industry association and the third session of the third session of Zhejiang plastics industry association were successfully held in Taizhou. An endless stream of merchants consulted experts at the high-tech Seminar on plastic building materials. This fair enables many participants in Taizhou to obtain a lot of valuable production, supply, marketing and scientific research information, which is conducive to reducing the production costs of enterprises in the region, improving the competitiveness of local products in the international market, and will play a positive role in promoting the development of Taizhou Plastic industry. Moreover, its success has built a bridge for Taizhou's plastic industry to move towards the country and the world, expanded the influence of Taizhou's plastic industry at home and abroad, promoted the development of other related industries, improved the popularity of Taizhou and road and bridge at home and abroad, and added a golden card for Taizhou and road and bridge. It can be said that the technical parameters of the pendulum type film impact testing machine in this fair have achieved remarkable results, and achieved satisfactory results for all parties

(IV) the exhibition area is more beautiful

compared with previous years, this year's exhibition is more beautiful, which is reflected in good hardware facilities and more "special installations" of booths. This year, the plastic fair was held in the newly completed Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, which is a modern large-scale intelligent exhibition venue built according to international standards, with a total investment of more than 400million yuan and an area of more than 100 mu. The grand scale, complete functions, advanced facilities and perfect services of the exhibition hall are a milestone in the development of Taizhou exhibition economy. Most of the exhibitors are well-known enterprises in the industry and pay great attention to image display. The branded booth design is one of the highlights of this fair. According to statistics, the booth area of more than 20000 square meters this time is nearly 8000 square meters for special decoration display. All enterprises adopt the combination of sound, light, electricity and other modern technologies to comprehensively display their own image. Enterprises such as Sinopec, PetroChina, Haitian, Jinying, etc. have invested hundreds of thousands of yuan to make special equipment. The total cost of Sinopec and PetroChina group participating in the exhibition is more than one million yuan, and the booth area is more than 100 square meters, with vivid model display

of course, there are inevitably some shortcomings and deficiencies in this trade fair. We will carefully analyze them after the meeting, constantly sum up experience, and do better in the future

III. future direction of the fair

generally speaking, this fair has achieved a complete success and received good results. In the future, we will focus on the goal of vigorously developing the exhibition economy, and further improve the popularity of Taizhou's plastic industry through the way of "government setting up the stage and enterprises singing the opera", so as to build a corporate brand, better provide a basic platform for the communication, cooperation and exchange of various enterprises in the plastic industry at home and abroad, and play a better role of bond and connection for both production and marketing sides, as well as both students and enterprises, Strive to make exhibition activities more effective in promoting industrial upgrading. At the same time, combined with the background of economic globalization and China's entry into the WTO, and summarizing the experience of the previous sessions, we have made the following assumptions for the future Fair:

first, the systematization of exhibition marketing. The key of marketing systematization is to determine the target market on the basis of in-depth investigation of the market, carry out detailed classification and management of customers, and establish a systematic marketing business process; Improve the marketing network and set up exhibition agencies in major cities

the second is the branding of exhibition management. To cultivate exhibition brands, the key is to establish a solid brand concept and implement the brand development of the exhibition industry from the specific aspects of exhibition design, theme selection, exhibition planning, exhibition organization and management; Improve brand quality from both hardware and software; Fully implement the trade fair trademark brand strategy to enhance the brand value of the exhibition

third, the internationalization of exhibition marketing. Exhibition marketing must be international. In view of the current situation and characteristics of the development of the plastic industry in China and the region, we have joined professional associations in various countries to organize international buyers of plastic products to form a purchasing group to participate in our plastic fair. Jointly publish information with international professional publications to improve the international visibility of the exhibition. Through strengthening the cooperation with international professional exhibition companies, organize national groups to participate in the exhibition

fourth, talent specialization. Exhibition is a multi-functional and all-round exhibition. During the exhibition, there are trainings, exchanges, technical seminars, etc. There is a lot of professional work to be done from the recruitment to the closing of the exhibition, which has high requirements for the quality of talents. Therefore, for the long-term development of the exhibition industry, we must speed up the introduction of exhibition professionals and personnel training. At the same time, we must "go out", learn foreign experience, and create a high-quality professional team proficient in exhibition business and rich management experience

fifth, exhibition networking. In the information age, electronics

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