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Guangzhou coating event report

Guangzhou coating event report

September 14, 2005

next week, China's coating industry will usher in a grand event. China Coating Industry Association, national coating industry information center and other more than a dozen industry organizations in China's coating industry will hold 8 professional conferences, such as International Coating Exhibition and international coating conference, from September 18 to 22, in order to display the achievements of China's coating industry since the tenth five year plan. It is reported that more than 3000 professionals will attend the meeting. One is reinforced fiber materials. In September, Guangzhou will become the "Mecca" of the coating industry this year

this year is the last year for China's coating industry to implement the tenth five year plan. 5. The resolution of torque tester high and low the resolution of torque tester equipment is an important indicator of instrument performance. Over the years, China's coating industry has made unprecedented achievements. The coating output increased from 839400 tons in 2000 to 2.9815 million tons in 2004, and the total development target of the "Tenth Five Year plan" coating industry was completed one year ahead of schedule

the 10th China International paint, ink and surface treatment exhibition (asiacoat2005), which will be jointly held by China Paint Industry Association, Changzhou paint and Chemical Research Institute of China Chemical Construction and national paint industry information center in Guangzhou Jinhan Exhibition Center from September 20 to 22, is the leader of many professional conferences. More than 260 enterprises from 19 countries and regions around the world will participate in the exhibition, with an exhibition area of 8000 square meters. Seven of the eight enterprises that have just won the title of Chinese brand of interior and exterior wall architectural coatings will participate in the exhibition. During the exhibition, Rohm Haas, national starch, HIBIS color, Wagner, Asahi Huacheng and other international famous coating companies will hold 15 professional and technical lectures, 217 steel windows covering the formulation technology of architectural coatings and industrial coatings, as well as the latest raw materials, color matching and construction equipment

from September 18 to 19, the China Coating Industry Association will hold the China International Coating conference in Guangzhou Huaxia hotel. People in the coating industry at home and abroad will jointly listen to the ideas of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" for the development of China's coating industry, and discuss the utilization of renewable resources and the development of high-tech coating technologies such as water-based coatings. At the same time, the 22nd national coating industry information annual conference and the Third International Symposium on color plate and coating technology, jointly hosted by the coating and coating professional committee of the Chinese Chemical Society and the national coating industry information center, will also be held in Liuhua Hotel, Guangzhou. Domestic and foreign coil coating manufacturers, raw material suppliers and relevant application enterprises will jointly discuss the latest technological development trends in the field of color plate and coating. After that, the two organizations will also host the 2005 international color board and coating high level forum in China Hotel on September 20. On September 21, the 5th China Coatings International Symposium, hosted by Singapore CMT company and co organized by the National Coatings Industry Information Center, will be held in Guangzhou white swan hotel. Senior executives from coatings, raw materials and application units will jointly look into the current situation and development trend of China's coatings market, and discuss the research progress and production application of environment-friendly coatings and new raw materials. The National Technical Committee for paint and pigment Standardization (TC5) will hold its annual meeting in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese hotel on September 21 to review five newly formulated paint industry standards and summarize new trends in the standardization development of the paint and pigment industry at home and abroad. China Paint Industry Association will also hold the editorial board meeting of China paint and the expert committee meeting of China Paint Industry Association in Guangzhou Overseas Chinese hotel on September 21

during this period, China Paint Industry Association will hold a celebration meeting for the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the association in Huaqiao Hotel on the afternoon of September 21; The exhibition of Chinese famous brands and the repair of broken mobile phone screens in the Nu Skin area will be held at the exhibition site; Nippon (China) Co., Ltd. will. The 2006 China paint fashion color release event was held at the exhibition venue; Bayer (China) Co., Ltd. will grandly hold the theme activity of "Bayer night" in China hotel

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