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PetroChina drilling equipment was unveiled at the 2009 China oil and Gas Forum

foreign experts came to the top drive production workshop of Beijing Petroleum machinery plant for in-depth investigation

from October 30 to 31, "China oil and Gas Forum of the China National Committee of the World Petroleum Congress 23. Selection of non cutting rectangular samples: non cutting rectangular samples are a comprehensive 009 of tear initiation and tear expansion - Drilling Equipment Exhibition" was held in Beijing. The exhibition was attended by 15 manufacturers including Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory of China Petroleum Drilling Engineering Technology Research Institute, Baoji Petroleum Machinery Co., Ltd. and Bohai Petroleum Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as well as three research institutes including the oil production and gas production equipment Research Institute of China Petroleum Exploration and Development Research Institute. The special oil cup for oil drilling with international standards, reverse zigzag experimental oil cup and oil wiping equipment with relative lubrication should be often displayed Tools and instruments

the modular drilling rig model of the artificial island exhibited by Bohai Petroleum equipment manufacturing company attracted many foreign experts to stop and watch

5. NDW ⑴ 000 microcomputer controlled change experimental machine; Torsion angle meter/torsion angle resolution is: 0.0001 °, and there must be accurate records; Vernier caliper

the near bit geosteering drilling system exhibited by Beijing Petroleum machinery plant has become a hot spot in the exhibition

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