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Petrochemical price reduction strategy does not change. The atmosphere of the plastic spot market is gloomy.

I. overall market overview:

[spot observation] today, the general situation of the domestic plastic raw material market is as follows: the PE market is slightly down, and the transaction tends to be weak. At present, the market lacks positive incentives. Although the crude oil price is still high, the ethylene market is stagnant, unable to boost the market atmosphere. Traders are lack of confidence, mainly shipping, lack of enthusiasm to cover positions, the operating rate of downstream enterprises is generally not high, and the demand is limited. The overall trading atmosphere is light due to the removal of an eyepiece. The PP market did not improve much, and the market continued to decline, with a range of yuan/ton. Due to the continuous shortage of effective demand, the transaction is still light. In addition to the urgent need for non purchase, downstream factories are basically wait-and-see; Traders operate cautiously, mainly by shipping arbitrage, and there are not many who absorb goods and replenish stocks. The ABS market is generally stable, and some are still down, so the transaction is not ideal. Due to the poor prosperity of downstream factories, the intention of receiving goods is relatively weak. The fiber-reinforced 12mm long filament provides triple properties until it is normal, so it can be used and bought now. Traders have always insisted on low position operation, with few resources in hand and lack of hype vitality, and generally follow the market. The domestic PS market atmosphere was calm, the market holding merchants remained on the sidelines, the quotation was basically stable, and some continued to decline in a narrow range, but the transaction was still light. At present, the supply of goods in the market has declined slightly, but it is still difficult to balance with the demand. Therefore, the market is still likely to decline

II. Brief introduction of local market:

domestic PE market transactions are poor. After Sinopec implemented the new policy, the market has not improved. Contract users are more confused, and most of them are unwilling to bill for Sinopec. Traders' confidence has fallen to a low point, with a linear upside down of yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream is yuan/ton, and a small number of transactions are at low prices. Qilu Chemical City's linear inquiry turned better in the morning. Traders rumored that Qilu Petrochemical had a maintenance plan, and there was a transaction of 13000 yuan/ton of 7042 including tax. The inquiry in Xiamen PE market is light, and there are few transactions. Hi1100 is at yuan/ton, hi1600 is at yuan/ton if there are many experiments to be tested, 5000S Korea is at yuan/ton, and 2426h is at 14500 yuan/ton

pp market showed no signs of improvement after the petrochemical listing policy was issued. The quotation of merchants continued to decline, with few transactions and low prices. Most market participants were confused. At present, the quotation of T30S market in North China was about yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of T30S market in East China was 13400 yuan/ton, and the quotation of T30 market in South China was 13700 yuan/ton

III. Sinochem's view:

in terms of PP, in order to stabilize the market and speed up the digestion of inventory, Sinopec implements the listing policy under the condition of market decadence and confusion. PetroChina also basically kept the same pace. Today, the market continues to decline, and businesses seem to expect that Sinopec will continue to adjust prices downward and continue to sell goods. The market should continue to pay attention to the price changes and turnover of Sinopec this week. In terms of PE, there is a strong wait-and-see atmosphere in the market today. The listing strategy disturbs people's attention like thick smoke, and contract households are still reluctant to bill. The demand of downstream factories has not improved, and transactions have even declined again. In terms of ps/abs, the current market atmosphere is still relatively low, and it is difficult to gather popularity. In addition, international oil prices and monomer prices continue to decline, which has a relatively large impact on the market. Merchants have doubts about the recovery of future market demand, and their enthusiasm to enter the market is not high, mainly short-term operations. It is expected that the short-term market of hard rubber market may also fall slightly

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