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Petrochemical projects should achieve the unity of economic development and environmental protection

on May 31, more than 50 members of the provincial CPPCC inspected the Sichuan Petrochemical Project, from industrial layout to environmental safety, from the sand table exhibition hall to the installation in such a period to develop the central site and then to the sewage treatment plant. Through detailed introduction and field observation, the members learned about the specific situation of the Sichuan Petrochemical Project in an all-round way. Development requires projects

petrochemical projects conform to the industrial layout of Sichuan and Chengdu

development requires projects, just as people need to eat to grow healthily. Chen Yi, member of the provincial CPPCC, deputy director of the population, resources and Environment Committee of the provincial CPPCC, and chairman of the labor union and deputy chief engineer of the Provincial Institute of urban and rural planning and design, used a more vivid metaphor to talk about the importance of Sichuan Petrochemical Project. He metaphorically said that the Sichuan Petrochemical Project is equivalent to people having to eat. When eating, people will choke, but it can't be said that they won't eat because they are afraid of choking. Therefore, the petrochemical project is necessary for the economic development of Chengdu and even Sichuan

in yesterday's discussion, the person in charge of the petrochemical project said that the petrochemical industry is an irreplaceable basic industry in the national economy, and its products are widely used in industry, agriculture, national defense and all fields of people's daily life. Using small springs, China has become the second largest oil consumer and the third largest importer in the world last year. From a national perspective, large-scale petrochemical projects in developed eastern cities, mainly Shanghai and Nanjing, have become an important support for local economic and social development and an important guarantee for the improvement of people's living standards. Southwest China is an important strategic area in the western development of China. For a long time, due to the lack of resources, the petrochemical industry led by refining ethylene in Southwest China has been the only blank area of China's petrochemical industry, which has seriously restricted the development of regional economy and the adjustment of industrial structure. After the completion and operation of this petrochemical project, it will fill the gap in the layout of petrochemical industry in Southwest China and alleviate the long-term shortage of regional energy and chemical raw materials

as for the layout of the project in an inland area such as Chengdu, Sichuan, this is the consideration of the national strategic layout, and it is finally determined through detailed demonstration in all aspects. Chen Yi also believes that the Sichuan Petrochemical Project is in line with the industrial layout of Sichuan and Chengdu

the treated sewage can be used to raise fish

after it is put into operation, the government pays attention to the supervision of enterprises, and pays attention to the high standard environmental protection standards, which has become the topic of discussion in the three major sectors of the project, namely, the construction of high-performance polypropylene, acrylonitrile co production MMA and the comprehensive utilization of clean hydrogen energy. The relevant person in charge of the petrochemical project told that the environmental protection facilities of the project adopt internationally advanced technology, and the environmental protection investment accounts for 11% of the total investment of the project. In the introduction, a series of environmental protection measures adopted by the project were affirmed by the members

economic development and environmental protection have the foundation and conditions to achieve a high degree of unity on this project. Luo Yili, member of the provincial CPPCC and chairman of Sichuan heinol Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd., came with doubts. Through the visit, he not only dispelled his doubts, but also felt relieved about the whole environmental protection measures of the project. He said that my family is from Chengdu for three generations and is very concerned about the Sichuan Petrochemical Project. In terms of process level, the project adopts the most advanced international level, and the total amount of equipment imports accounts for more than 90% of the main equipment, so the process and technology are guaranteed

as an environmental protection professional, Luo perseverance, with a professional environmental protection perspective, has a comprehensive understanding of the environmental protection measures of the enterprise, especially the two outlets of pollution discharge, flue gas discharge outlet and sewage discharge outlet, which are most concerned by the people. He said that he learned from the on-the-spot investigation that the whole project uses clean fuels and uses natural gas instead of traditional coal, which undoubtedly greatly reduces pollution emissions. At the same time, after the sewage treatment reaches the first-class discharge standard through the advanced treatment of the sewage treatment plant, 70% of the sewage is recycled, and the remaining 30% is discharged. If it meets the first level discharge standard, the discharged water can see the bottom at a glance, and it can also raise fish, so we can rest assured. Luo Yili said

of course, with such internationally leading environmental protection facilities, normal operation has become the key. In this regard, Luo Yili said that in the future, the government must strengthen supervision, and enterprises should be more self-discipline and standardized operation to ensure up to standard emissions

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