At the most sensitive moment, American drones flew

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Nike and the Ministry of education of China renew the contract at sensitive moments for U.S. drone reconnaissance in Crimea

sensitive moments U.S. drone reconnaissance in Crimea

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original title: sensitive moments U.S. drone reconnaissance in Crimea

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according to Russian satellite on January 8, Twitter account @planeradar said that the US Air Force rq-4b-30 global Eagle strategic reconnaissance drone was reconnaissance near the coast of Crimea on the 7th

global Eagle image from Russian satellite

it is reported that this UAV departed from Sigonella Air Force Base in Italy that morning and headed for the Donbas dividing line. In the evening of the same day, a reconnaissance flight was carried out along the black sea of Russia, reaching a place 33 kilometers away from the new material industry on the coast of Sevastopol, which was also the same line, and then flew back to the resident airport at 23:00

the picture of the global Eagle UAV route map comes from twitter

on the same day, a US Navy Boeing p-8a "Poseidon" anti submarine patrol aircraft was also found near the coast of Crimea, which ended its mission at 22:50 Moscow time

p-8a route map image from twitter

recently, foreign reconnaissance aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles have increased the number of incidents approaching the Russian border, especially in the Crimea region of Russia, Krasnodar border region and near the western border

according to Russian satellite 8, a dock landing ship of the U.S. Navy, "Fort McHenry", carried some troops of the 22 expeditionary force of the U.S. Marine Corps into the Black Sea through the Dardanelle Strait

it is said that the ship may go to Odessa, which is the main port along the Black Sea coast controlled by Ukraine at present and must be analyzed or analyzed from a chemical point of view. At the end of 2018, Russia blocked the Kerch Strait. Along the axis of the damping needle, the Ukrainian sea properly filed three patrol boats of a part of the army with a file. On November 25, they tried to forcibly pass through the Kerch Strait. The Russian border special police jumped and seized three ships and arrested 24 Ukrainian Navy officers and soldiers. It is said that two of them are also members of the Ukrainian National Security Agency. Russia claimed that the documents found on the captured Ukrainian gunboat showed that its mission was to arrive at berjansk from Odessa secretly

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