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Zhejiang Shangtang new office building uses AI to sail on the Qiantang River

Zhejiang Shangtang new office building uses AI to sail on the Qiantang River

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original title: Zhejiang Shangtang new office building uses AI to sail on the Qiantang River

on the afternoon of September 30, Hangzhou was clear in autumn, beside the beautiful Qiantang River, The technical achievement report meeting of Zhejiang Shangtang Technology Development Co., Ltd. and the opening ceremony of the new office building in Zhejiang district were held in Qianjiang Century Park

biomedical materials are used in the field of Ophthalmology. Different uses have different requirements, such as intraocular lens requires high refractive index and moderate hardness, artificial cornea requires high light transmittance, good air permeability, good cell affinity, etc. Xu Li, co-founder and CEO of Shangtang technology, said at the meeting that when Shangtang established its branch in Zhejiang, it was at the time point when the company developed "connecting the preceding and the following". From a start-up company to a unicorn with a valuation of more than $4.5 billion, we can't do without the support of local leaders, the full cooperation of various partners, and the joint efforts of the whole ecosystem

huangguojun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and director of the Management Committee of Qianjiang Century City in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou, said: the settlement of Shangtang technology in Xiaoshan century city is a major event in the industrial development history of century city. The settlement of Shangtang technology has injected a very strong impetus into the construction of Century City Industrial Economic Zone and Turing town. It is hoped that Shangtang technology can take root in Century City and continue to become bigger and stronger. As the Management Committee of Century City, it will continue to support Shangtang technology to make breakthroughs

then, shanghailong, general manager of Shangtang technology Zhejiang, introduced the phased progress made in the "smart venue renovation project of Hangzhou International Expo Center". The project integrates many original technologies of Shangtang technology, such as face recognition, video structured analysis, crowd monitoring, trajectory analysis, etc., which are world-class. It can solve practical problems such as people and things searching, vehicle management, rapid gathering analysis of people flow, and forbidden zone intrusion warning, so that exhibitors can enjoy safer and more considerate humanized services

it is worth mentioning that the project also integrates Shangtang AR navigation technology. Relying on intelligent indoor map information, it can accurately navigate to the destination you want to go in the form of AR in an unfamiliar environment, and obtain the optimal path planning and sharing experimental data

at this meeting, Shangtang technology signed a strategic contract with the Qianjiang Century City Management Committee on the Qianjiang Century City smart building and smart campus project, which also contributed to the "National Day gift activity" of Qianjiang century city

Zhejiang Shangtang has a comprehensive layout in industry university research collaborative innovation. As early as April 2017, Shangtang established a three-dimensional vision joint laboratory with Zhejiang University to cooperate on cutting-edge technology research such as slam and three-dimensional reconstruction and high-level professional talent training. At the same time, Hangzhou is also one of the important R & D bases of Shangtang autonomous driving project

in the future, Shangtang will continue to use the latest scientific research technology and the most professional team to translate the technical achievements into practical applications, and work together to contribute to the intelligent development of Hangzhou. This achievement report meeting and opening ceremony are also a key step for Shangtang to take in the transformation of AI achievements in East China. The industrial development of Zhejiang will continue to inject new blood and energy into Shangtang AI

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