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A new model of school enterprise cooperation: Huawei (vows) to carry out ICT talent training to the end

usually fish upstream have two purposes: first, spawn upstream and reproduce the next generation; Second, open the gills towards the reverse flow to better absorb the dissolved oxygen in the water. The former can make the population grow continuously, while the latter makes its own growth more powerful

in fact, like fish, most young people who study always strive to swim to unknown waters to find their own growth world

advanced industry education integration mode upgrades talent resource pipeline

now, students realize that whether they are facing academic examinations or professional challenges, they need talent empowerment that determines their growth while having the spirit of going upstream. It may come from an institution of higher learning with profound academic precipitation, or from a faculty with both political integrity and ability. But what can help them really adapt to the torrent of social work and meet the challenges of the professional wave is a set of scientific and comprehensive production and education integration model

as we all know, the initial form of the integration of industry and education aims to emphasize the connection between enterprises and the empowerment of educational institutions in combination with the actual needs of talents. Both sides work together to optimize the quality of talent output, so that college talents can complete the shaping of basic professional abilities before entering the job

how to get close to more practice and employment opportunities, how to deeply understand the development and operation of the future work field, and how to achieve the sustainable rise of their own careers have become the goals pursued by the current advanced industry education integration model

as one of the industries with the largest demand for talents, ICT industry has always had two key standards for talents: the depth of knowledge structure and the thickness of practical ability. It seems simple, but in fact it emphasizes the ability of talents to achieve everything within the talent system formed by upstream enterprises, downstream partners, customers and educational institutions

what is comprehensiveness? The first is to meet the examination standards of the major learned. The second is to meet the talent landing needs of any link in the ICT ecosystem. In short, let the fish of talent not only actively develop in the ICT field, but even evolve into a koi leap

in this regard, Huawei Institute of information and networking technology (ICT Institute for short) has targeted to promote the integration mode of industry and education to a new level. Its development focus is to connect Huawei, colleges, educational partners and N enterprises in Huawei's industrial chain, and promote the extension of talents to multiple subdivisions of the industry in combination with the evolution of ICT certification system and talent ecosystem

it is reported that Huawei has established cooperation with more than 150 domestic colleges and universities including Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Yunnan University since it launched the school enterprise cooperation project of Huawei Institute of information and networking technology in 2013. It trains more than 7000 students every year, with the fundamental purpose of sowing a new ICT future

this year, Huawei's ICT ecological trip to China 2017 (hereinafter referred to as ICT ecological trip) is in full swing in all regions of the country, and Huawei's ICT talent ecological concept has also attracted the attention of more students with the implementation of the activity

from Anhui to Hunan, from Hubei to Jiangxi, Huawei has made more than half of its ICT ecological trip and gained a lot. It is worth mentioning that the ICT College Open Day specially set up by this series of activities has received high attention from students everywhere. On the one hand, they are full of unprecedented enthusiasm for Huawei's ICT infrastructure platform knowledge based on cloud, management and end. At the same time, they also have a comprehensive understanding of the four elements of Huawei's industrial talent ecosystem that aggregates talent, technology, business and services. There is only one purpose - to achieve great success in the field of ICT in the future

in the view of many students, Huawei's ICT talent ecosystem concept is to help students achieve a leap in ability by adopting an open talent training method. More importantly, Huawei can cooperate with upstream and downstream cooperative enterprises in the industrial chain to build a green channel for them to enter the business field. In this way, there are more choices, more opportunities and more gains

in the content of the ICT college open day of this ICT ecological trip, students also have a corresponding feeling with Huawei, because in many regional colleges and universities in China, some of the contents of Huawei ICT college courses have been incorporated into the school curriculum system and teaching

among them, Huawei vocational skill certification, which is closely connected with the courses of ICT college, is compared to a professional amulet by students. The reason is that Huawei's hcna, HCNP and hcie certification cover a wide range of areas, including routing switching, security, WLAN, transmission access, UCC, storage, cloud computing, big data, data center and other directions; Secondly, the certification represented by Huawei hcie has become a gold lettered signboard in the industry, and has opened up ICT talent channels including Huawei, distribution partners, Si, ISV, VaR and other ecological partners, making students feel that their skills can be used one day

in fact, Huawei's certification system means that the selection of talents has a rigorous process. Among the current 180000 employees of Huawei, excellent talents play a very key supporting role. The purpose of Huawei's certification is very clear, first, to ensure the cultivation of talents in quantity, and second, to further improve the quality, which is not difficult to understand, Changzhou factory needs to be developed. Why does Huawei certification have such a high position in the hearts of students

indeed, being able to learn the knowledge of vocational integration during college will directly improve their competitiveness in the job market of fresh students. Students also strive to study ICT college courses to lay a solid foundation for their career path in the future. From this perspective, the content of the open day of Huawei ICT college is not strange to students, but more three-dimensional; The product is not hard and cold, but more cordial; The idea is not to practice, but to be more practical

in the view of dean Zhang Xuejie of the school of information of Yunnan University, through the open day of Huawei ICT college, teachers and students have seen Huawei's innovation in ICT talent training mode: first, Huawei has jointly built ICT college with educational institutions, and promoted the reform of university talent training mode by promoting Huawei certification among undergraduates; The second is the bundling of credits, which closely combines some important professional basic courses with the training content of Huawei ICT college

it is not difficult to see that the output and cultivation of Huawei ICT talent ecosystem are based on the combination of solid theoretical and practical investment. Colleges and enterprises perform their respective duties, and stand on their own knowledge system to continuously deliver oxygen to the growth of talents, and finally deliver tempered talents to the rivers and seas of ICT field

aggregation makes the talent ecological soil rich in nutrients

as another highlight of the talent ecological display of this ICT ecological trip, Huawei formed a three-dimensional and comprehensive talent logical circle through the talent alliance established with regional educational institutions and partners, so as to solve the problem of recruitment and employment for upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain

the establishment of talent alliance in various major regions fully shows that regional localized talent training can first drive the regional development of ICT ecological construction: first, ecological partners can accurately find talents in ICT colleges and universities around the country to fill the job gap; Second, students' employment opportunities can find accurate channels to help students quickly connect with the needs of employers; Third, implement cloud computing big data talent training and operation, complete the capacity reserve under the trend of new technology, and promote the sustainable flow of talents in the ecosystem

it is reported that Huawei will implement more talent training and screening through talent alliance, joint regional partners, educational institutions, ICT talent double selection, ICT skills competition, ICT new technology into campus and other activities, so that young students can fully understand and experience the value of ICT talent ecosystem construction

in this ICT ecological trip, good news has been heard from Beijing, Tianjin, Zhejiang, Hubei, Jiangsu, Shandong and other provinces and cities, and talent alliances have been launched in various places, building a bridge for talent input and output

ecology is not only the ecology of partners, but also the ecology of talent training. Huawei ICT Institute and the open day link in the ICT ecological trip have opened a window for the industry to understand ICT talent resources. Especially for ecological partners, they can not only get Huawei's full support from product solution cooperation, but also provide partners with ICT talents in talent introduction and ability training, so that the latter can have more choices for talents. An ecological partner said so

however, for Huawei, the road of talent training and development is long and arduous. At the Beijing station of the ICT ecological trip, Wang Hanbing, general manager of Huawei China's enterprise business in Beijing, said that talent training is Huawei's great effort, and Huawei's approach is still aggregation. In his view, the construction of talent team in ICT industry is indeed a long-term and arduous ecosystem project, which requires the joint efforts of educational institutions, manufacturers, partners and customers to make the talent ecosystem bigger, complete and practical

in fact, the ultimate goal can not be achieved without the aggregation in Wang Hanbing's eyes, which is exactly the four elements of Huawei's aggregation of talent, technology, business and service ecology mentioned above

from the perspective of the convergence power of the four elements, the basic function of Huawei's tensile testing machine: the tensile performance is impressive: in terms of converging talents, Huawei has attracted 12500 students from around the world to participate in the competition through the ICT college skills competition this year, of which 10000 people from China have nearly doubled the scale of last year's competition. Finally, more than 30 elite college students from all over the world won awards respectively; In terms of aggregation technology, the exhibition hall of Huawei ICT ecological trip includes the current cutting-edge ICT solutions, which has opened the eyes of ecological partners and teachers and students attending the meeting; In terms of aggregated business, Huawei partner universities have released more than 400 online courses, which greatly meet the partners' fragmented free learning mode. In addition, Huawei has organized hundreds of training activities across the country to promote the great development movement for six years, facing thousands of partners across the country, and at the same time, it has delivered a large number of valuable business enabling services, policy explanations, market development and other resources to them, Effectively aggregate the cohesion of partners; In terms of aggregated services, it focuses on the two enabling institutions of ICT colleges and partner universities, serving more than 2000 partners and 100 colleges and universities, and providing a large number of full life service cycle curriculum systems

it is not difficult to see from Huawei's talent ecological cohesion that Huawei ICT college is more like an enabler for talents to enter the career stage, while partner universities bring accelerators for cooperative enterprises and employees to upgrade their actual capabilities. The purposes of both are the same, that is, to make Huawei's talent training system form an interconnected, interactive and mutually progressive development trend, and constantly expand the introduction interface of talents, Continuously contribute high-quality talents to the ecological chain

it is reported that the second half of Huawei's ICT ecological trip to China 2017 will continue to show the charm of Huawei's ICT ecological construction through the Huawei ICT academy open day. At that time, there will be richer talent ecological content to the industry, which is worth looking forward to

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