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The new mode of "human-computer interaction" of yinglixun Zim leads the new rate of business

15 ctiforum news on June 20 (Ouyang): in the era of mobile Internet, the services that customers may get from enterprises are no longer limited to face-to-face counter services and hot spot services. Customers put forward higher requirements for the timeliness, convenience and selectivity of communication channels and communication efficiency; With the rapid development of communication technology, network technology and computer technology and the popularization of application, the real-time interactive contact through network (IM), with the hot part as the center, is becoming an increasingly important communication channel between enterprises and customers. Enterprises publish information through the Internet and provide self-service services to customers to build a real-time information interaction platform with customers

the instant messaging platform of Ericsson Zim can provide various high-tech communication means such as web chat, webcall, SMS, email, fax, and support multimedia service platforms such as text, audio, video, and social media interaction

the birth of intelligent robots on the zingim customer service platform makes it possible for customer service representatives of enterprises to provide more energy to complete more complex work. By putting forward their own needs through words, the intelligent robot can intelligently understand the customer's language, quickly enter the business process, and save the trouble of manually pressing keys step by step. This intelligent interaction mode is more close to the mode of manual customer service, and it is not too much to call it a seat assistant. The language sent by the intelligent robot is fresh, lively and energetic, and the role of customer service representative is more humanized

through the realization of business menu presentation, as a more efficient and convenient new self-service mode, its friendliness and ease of use are better than the traditional push-button self-service voice system. Customers complete information query, business acceptance and other demands through simple dialogue, which shortens the existing menu path, reduces the time for customers to transact business, improves user satisfaction, and transforms a large number of manual services into self-service, thereby reducing the operation cost of the customer service center

the core value of the contact center is to help enterprises develop continuously by improving the contact efficiency between enterprises and customers, and ultimately improving the business efficiency of enterprises in the field of marketing and services:

the dynamics of computing resources can produce cross-linking without the use of catalysts. Deployment and efficient management can quickly respond to business development and changes

while improving the stability and delivery efficiency of IT systems, Greatly reduce the operation and maintenance costs

scientific operation and performance appraisal management, improve the efficiency of seats

improve the efficiency of customer contact, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

improve the efficiency of business operation, promote the development of e-banking business, and reduce the cost of points and counters

the efficient integrated architecture advocated by Ericsson is not a competition for the communication ability of a single device under large capacity, But in the face of complex business needs and changing business development, the efficiency competition of the dynamic stability, rapid adaptation and smooth expansion ability of the integrated contact platform

about Ericsson technology

as the world's leading high-performance integrated architecture contact center platform advocate, zinglabs has always adhered to the concept of innovative design and pursuit of excellence. After years of research and development, under the guidance of zingframework high-performance integrated moving architecture, it has successfully launched zingswitch cvnet (I rust prevention and corrosion resistance) (all media contact center platform), zingim (customer service platform) Zingdesk (agent collaboration platform) series products have created a new era of contact center with full-service support, all media integration and all-round management, providing users with an integrated architecture contact center platform that pays attention to perceptual interaction and improving customers' comprehensive experience, and has been praised by the industry as the representative of the new generation of integrated contact center. The company devotes itself to the fields of callcenter and CTI. Over the years, it has successfully built a contact center platform for many high-end users in many industries, such as Agricultural Bank of China 95599, Bank of China head office customer platform, people's Bank of China head office, State Administration of national debt, Ministry of commerce 12312, Sinopec national service, State Grid 95598, State Intellectual Property Administration, Lenovo Group, Shanghai WorldExpo, Beijing People's broadcasting station, etc. With 10 years of valuable experience in CTI product development based on professional fields; With the leading technology level accumulated in serving domestic high-end users and original factory technical services for 10 years, Ericsson will continue to be professional in the field of contact center, continue to research and innovate, create a first-class product brand and service brand, and assist customers to build an all media sense (knowledge) (interaction) center that fully meets users' personalized application needs, Through zingswitch cvnet (I) series products, you can easily enter the moving era of all media contact center

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