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Editor's note: a year ago, process industry enterprises were still hesitant to adopt wireless communication technology. "There is a lack of standards, which can only be used in individual special cases, or there are many uncertain factors." This is the opinion of the opponents at that time. After wireless Hart technology was determined as a standard in the field of wireless communication last year, the "wind direction" has changed. The manufacturing enterprises responded quickly and launched a comprehensive offensive of wireless communication technology products for process automation at the achema exhibition

the biggest application potential of wireless communication technology is those detection points that are difficult to reach at ordinary times, such as oil storage tanks. For a long time, due to cost reasons, the data there is generally not detected in time

since July, 2008, wireless Hart has been established as a technical standard, and the manufacturers of process industry instruments and equipment are also working hard to develop and produce components for wireless data transmission. The first batch of achievements have been exhibited at the achema exhibition, such as instruments and equipment developed and produced by Endress + Hauser and Pepperl + Fuchs. After wireless Hart has become an important network component and equipment, all kinds of Fieldbus instruments and equipment based on hardware can use hardware interface to realize wireless data transmission. "In order to tell people that the hardware interface we developed and produced is also suitable for extraordinary wireless detection, we integrated it into our corrosion detector corr trans." Said Gerrit Lohmann, interface equipment production manager of pepperl+fuchs. In addition, the company also showed a temperature detection transmitter with wireless Hart wireless communication function

endress + Hauser is different. They show a complete set of wireless Hart wireless communication network system that can communicate wirelessly with detectors at multiple detection points. On the booth next to e+h company, Samson company exhibited two actuators with e+h hardware interface, in order to use wireless transmission technology to send data information about the stroke of the control valve. All instruments and equipment have been put on the market since the end of summer 2009. Dr. Andreas Rampa, the production manager of wireless products of e+h company, is very optimistic about the future: "in terms of technology development, wireless technology has no obstacles."

"if the advertisement says that the whole set of equipment can realize wireless communication control, I think this is unrealistic."—— Mr. Gerrit Lohmann, other wireless communication technologies exhibited by pepperl+fuchs at the achema exhibition also have mature products, at least qualified trial samples. For example, using data radio, Turck company can not only transmit data in line with RS 232 and RS 485 communication technology protocols, but also transmit data and information in line with PROFIBUS Fieldbus Technology protocols. Their goal is to achieve more than 10 times the performance with increased cost. Data radio replaces the traditional cables and wires, ensuring the wireless transmission of data information to the upper level control system without error. Mr. Ryan kromhout, head of process automation technology of Turck company, said: "wireless communication technology has realized the automatic control of loading and unloading, but in the past, it was very expensive to use automation technology to realize this application." Turck believes that there is a great market potential for the supplementary installation of this wireless communication system in the feedback of valve regulation information driven by battery power. In this regard, they have prepared two-way sensors using wireless communication technology, which can almost monitor all kinds of drivers of process automation in both forward and backward directions

"although it has been emphasized that wireless communication technology can only be applied in the field of monitoring, the importance of this work cannot be underestimated. This task is often ignored by people, but today there are more and more detection points that need to manually read detection data and record detection results. The application of wireless communication technology in this field has created a new possibility."—— Dr. Andreas Rampa, wireless products of endress+hauser company have sprung up.

"for a long time, most users have a conservative attitude on wireless communication technology, and when wireless data transmission technology products came out, they showed abnormal excitement." Said Hans Georg kumpfm ü ller, head of Siemens' sensor and communication technology field. In the field of production and processing technology, Siemens and its high-speed wirelesslan system have been far ahead in the industry. Kumpfm ü lsabic PP 514m12 can also be used as a basic resin in the production of color masterbatch. Mr. ler listed several new application possibilities of wireless transmission technology. "Here, there are application fields that were unimaginable a few years ago, such as the control of emergency stop devices, functional control related to safety assurance, and so on." In the field of process industry, Siemens gives strong technical support with its WirelessHART and the new generation connection with the upper level control system, uses the interface integrated in the instrument and equipment to complete the detection of pressure and temperature, and provides the hardware interface of the instrument and equipment for the market

and can print curves and data reports

phoenix contact has also adjusted the business direction of the enterprise and entered the wireless wireless communication technology market, just as J? As Mr. RG brasas explained: "We have prepared products using wireless communication technology. In our system with reliable quality and patented technology, we include the connection of Profibus fieldbus system. Using this connection, wireless input and output can communicate directly with instruments and equipment in PROFIBUS layer. As a new product, we will put a wireless Hart connection on the market at the end of this summer, followed by wireless Hart hardware interface."

"together with our users, we explore the potential of saving in the process of small-scale maintenance; and the very important point here is to win the trust of users."—— Mr. Ryan kromhout, Turck company

Honeywell company recently announced that they have launched a new generation of onewires gauge reader. With this device, the work of manually looking at the table and recording the detection data can be completed automatically. The collected detection data can be sent to the upper control system through wireless data transmission, or to the resource management system in the research and development of aerial vehicles. "In this way, the key processes and key equipment in the process production can be analyzed in time for the reference of decision makers." Said Herbert fittler of Honeywell. Other components with wireless communication function produced by Honeywell are mainly used for leakage detection, pH value detection, conductivity detection and gas identification. Last summer, the second-generation onewireless network has been successfully developed in accordance with ISA 100.11a professional technical specifications. The design of components can not only complete the task of wireless monitoring, but also be used in the field of regulation technology

Emerson Process Management is one of the largest suppliers of wireless communication technology products. At the achema exhibition in Frankfurt, they were representatives of Hart's communication technology level. In addition to the related equipment, they also exhibited a large number of wireless communication technology equipment such as pressure, differential pressure, temperature detectors, 4-channel temperature detectors, 2-channel discrete detectors, pH pH pH detectors and vibration detectors. In addition, their AMS device manager is a resource management system with wireless communication capability, and can also complete production plan management and alarm management. Ralf K ü per, Emerson's wireless product production manager, said, "at the end of this summer, adapters for 4~20ma instruments, electrical conductivity testing instruments and on-off, 0~100% adjustable data feedback devices will be put on the market."

"for users, the most important thing is to solve the problem. What people need is a correct solution that meets special application conditions."—— J? Mr. RG brasas, Phoenix Contact company

find out the solution

which standard should be preferred. Various manufacturers hold different views from a practical point of view, or as kromhout, an employee of Turck company, described: "we should provide users with the products they need." The manufacturing enterprises use patented solutions. Mr. kromhout said, "in this way, we can summarize the data obtained from each single detection, such as temperature detection and humidity detection, and simply transmit these data according to the tcp/ip communication technology protocol standard and store them in different types of master control systems." At the same time, they also showed the latest research and development achievements: a drop in module, a device using wireless HART communication protocol

"in addition to wireless Hart switches and adapters, we also develop and produce trusted wireless, a wireless wireless communication system with independent intellectual property rights, which also makes it possible for us to solve the current problems. In addition, in the process of product development, we have also accumulated rich experience, and there is no simple solution suitable for various applications." Mr. brasas of Phoenix said. The trusted wireless solution can not only realize point-to-point wireless communication, but also realize wireless data communication with up to 255 contacts and similar communication networks

"after the ISA working committee voted and made a favorable decision not long ago and isa confirmed other forms of wireless standards, the first batch of components suitable for this standard will be available by 2009."—— Mr. Herbert fittler, Honeywell

manufacturers know that users have certain uncertainties when using wireless data communication technology. Therefore, Siemens believes that after the user has tested the two systems, when isa sp 100.11a has been proved to be safe and reliable after a year of experiments, it will make the final decision: "users and manufacturers hope to have only one set of wireless standards. Moreover, there are many products with WirelessHART technical specifications, but since isa sp 100.11a, some are only professional technical specifications."

however, this is not the last thing to say. Mr. kromhout said, "isa sp 100.11a considers network compatibility to a large extent. In this way, the further development of wireless communication technology in the future, such as wireless Profibus and wireless Fieldbus, can develop according to the current structure without any problem." Based on two fieldbus standards that are opposed to each other in technical details, people in Honeywell believe that isa sp 100.11a has many advantages in technology. According to Honeywell experts, after the ISA working committee voted and made a favorable decision not long ago and isa confirmed other forms of wireless standards, the first batch of components suitable for this standard will be available by 2009. Mr. fittler believes that a large number of R & D products will be successfully put on the market and grow rapidly. Fifteen manufacturers have said that they are developing components that meet this standard

what has nothing to do with standards is to win the trust of users from now on. "Together with our users, we explore in the small-scale maintenance process

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