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China's packaging industry chain in Longgang derivative integration new model

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core tip: in 2014, Shenzhen's packaging industry entered a specific historical stage of Boston Scientific, in which enterprises' production capacity was scaled up to occupy the market and enterprises' products were branded to give play to their competitive advantages in the market, How to strengthen and expand the brand has become the main theme of industrial development

[China Packaging News] in 2014, as the only provincial "urban mineral" demonstration base in our city, Shenzhen's packaging industry entered a specific historical stage of large-scale enterprise production capacity to occupy the market and enterprise product branding to give play to market competitive advantages. How to strengthen and expand the brand has become the main theme of industrial development

although Wanli Pengcheng cultural and creative industry (Group), located in Bantian Creative Park, Longgang District, has only been open for business for just three months, it adheres to the innovative concept of the city of design in Shenzhen, integrates high-end cultural and creative talents, and integrates 20 related enterprises, including printing, paper products, leather, wood packaging, anti-counterfeiting, glass, ceramic products, hardware technology, business photography, AR media, art, and so on, creating a new mode of integration of China's packaging industry chain, It has attracted great attention in the industry

As one of the important promoters of the formation of Wanli Pengcheng group, Zheng Xuehua, chairman of Shenzhen Packaging Design Association, told that Wanli Pengcheng group is headquartered in Shenzhen. At the same time, six branches have been established in Xi'an, Yantai, Renhuai, Taiyuan, Hong Kong and other places, and branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Kunming, Wuhan and other cities across the country are also in preparation, Wanli Pengcheng is committed to building a one-stop brand marketing base for packaging design and production based in Shenzhen and radiating across the country

the traditional packaging industry has gradually stepped into a bottleneck in the new round of economic competition, and it is urgent to meet new opportunities and challenges through transformation and upgrading. Integrating the industrial chain is the development demand of the packaging industry itself, and developing in a group has more advantages than fighting alone. Zheng Xuehua said that wanlipeng takes packaging design and production as the primary industrial chain, and at the same time, comprehensively promotes and integrates the planning, sales and services of related products and cultural goods. At present, wanlipeng city has registered the deep drift art brand, and focuses on building Huiyin Tianxia and Huishi e-commerce platform, combining the traditional packaging industry with e-commerce

talking about why it is headquartered in Shenzhen, Zheng Xuehua said that after just 20 years of development, Shenzhen's packaging design industry has formed a complete packaging industry chain with distinctive characteristics and significant competitive advantages from packaging design and packaging materials to manual production of cartons and paper bags processed with supplied materials, which can be replaced with pendulum and sample base, Among the packaging, ABC column plays a key role in exterior decoration design aesthetics, and the development level of design industry is in a leading position in the country

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