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The measured experimental data show that Milliken company has developed a new nucleating agent hpn-20e that can improve the processability of polyethylene. This product is specially designed and made for PE film. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. faces various testing and experimental machines sold directly across the country. It is said that it can improve the transparency and physical properties of products, improve the productivity of films and reduce production costs. The company claims that the nucleating agent can improve the production efficiency of HDPE extrusion blown film products. Using this product will improve the production efficiency by 10% - 15% on the premise of ensuring the quality of bottle materials. The company has also developed a kind of antireflection agent millad3988, which is currently being promoted to new application fields. The additive can not only improve the transparency of PE, but also improve its crystallization speed. It can produce transparent PE by two-step injection stretch film blowing on the same equipment, and the production efficiency is equivalent to that of pet. (Li Chunjing translated from an. Anyone should stop putting hands and other items into the experimental area on., B., 2006, may)

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