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The production of precision parts for machine tools has reached a state of short supply

at present, the industry has an unprecedented demand for machine tools and semiconductor manufacturing devices. According to the report of the Japan Machine Tool Industry Association, the order volume of machine tools in 2017 reached the highest level in the past. The unexpected order amount makes the output of important parts such as linear guide sliders used to determine the fine position unable to meet the demand. Relevant people in the industry also pointed out that "because the supply of important parts exceeds the demand, the delivery date of machine tools can be delayed to one year at the longest". Therefore, how to solve the problem of short supply of important parts is also a major problem that machine tool manufacturers and component manufacturers need to solve

the person in charge of Thomson, a Japanese manufacturer that supplies linear guide sliders, said about the current situation: "at present, the supply of linear guide sliders in the whole industry can not meet the demand, and there are not a few supply dates exceeding one year." Other components that determine the precise position, such as the linear guide slider, such as the ball screw, also face the same problem

Japan Seiko, which regularly provides ball screws, usually adds that the delivery date of additional orders is about months, "but the delivery date of necessary products that need to be redesigned has been extended to 6 months to 1 year", said Toshihiro Uchiyama, President of Japan Seiko

now, the problem of increasing production of important components is imminent

there are many reasons for this situation. For example, in the autumn of 2016, according to the perspective that the majority of semiconductor Si customers should pay special attention to the fact that the licon cycle of their use environment is now and then rising continuously, the demand for semiconductor manufacturing devices that should have been reduced is increasing. With the booming smart market in March of 2017, the demand for related equipment has increased sharply

17 after May, the investment in automobile related equipment was also very active. Uchiyama, President of Seiko, said: "especially the demand for machine tools is increasing month by month, so a new production increase system has been formulated."

in order to solve the problem of output, the supply system is strengthened through the expansion of the long staff of parts and components and the extension of operation time. Japan Seiko's production of fine products such as ball screws and linear guide sliders increased by 40% in 2017 compared with that in 2016

thk the output of linear guide slide block in July 2017 increased by 50% compared with that in 2016. The output of Thomson in Japan in the late 17 years (from October 17 to March 18) also increased by about 20% compared with that in the early 17 years

various manufacturers are also increasing their investment in equipment. Japan Seiko has invested billions of yen in its factories in Japan and China to strengthen and improve the installation of fine products such as ball screws. It is expected that after the improvement, the production capacity of the two factories will increase by about 10% compared with the current one, and reach the maximum output in December of 2018. In addition, the products of linear guide sliders in Korea and precision bearings for machine tool spindles in Japan will also increase

thk has invested 50billion yen in the production of precision equipment such as linear guide sliders in the two years from 17 to 18. In addition, new factories have been established in Japan and Vietnam. At present, the productivity of Chinese factories has reached the expected level ahead of schedule in 2017

at present, various manufacturers are working hard to shorten the production cycle. For example, Seiko Japan started with the improvement of equipment and introduced the cutting and grinding integrated device to achieve the effect of shortening the production cycle

THK is to achieve 24-hour non-stop operation through the active use of industrial robots, so as to improve production efficiency. Thomson of Japan established an information providing station in November to select the best products for customers from its own products. The station can also predict the service life of products and after-sales service to customers, with the ultimate service goal of effectively shortening the delivery time

fully comply with Hooke's law

all manufacturers are trying their best to solve the problem of long production cycle and short supply of products. In the future, the demand for precision parts will only increase. The president of Seiko, Uchiyama, said that "by the end of September of 2018, the production capacity of the whole line of equipment has been improved, and the corresponding production cycle will be shortened."

in the future, the machinery industry, which has experienced several ups and downs, will have to learn and face many unknowns

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