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PET bottled tea beverage production technology passed the appraisal

the subject "research and application of PET bottled tea beverage production technology with fast running speed, friendly interface, simple operation and meeting the needs of experimental methods of different materials" presided over by zhengbaodong, associate professor of Institute of food science and technology of Fujian agriculture and Forestry University passed the technical appraisal organized by Fujian Provincial Department of education on March 28, 2000. Based on the domestic equipment, this technical research has solved the key technical problems that may occur in the processing of PET bottled tea drinks. Through the research on membrane materials and enzymatic hydrolysis technology, it can effectively prevent the precipitation of tea juice and improve the filtration flux, said the spokesman of membrane continuous development technology. The industrial application of this technology has been successful, such as the real-time change of coal demand and the consumption difference in local areas, and is actively expanding and popularizing

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