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Panlong ideal city is a real estate project built by Panlong ideal city of Zhonghe Real Estate Co., Ltd. located in Panlong city. The products cover 82-132 square meters of high-rise mansions. The three-dimensional transportation is flexible, and the subway, airport, expressway and urban trunk roads surround it. The Panlong ideal city project has a strong traffic engine and enjoys rich lake views. Many new home buyers here will be worried about whether they don't know what kind of decoration style is suitable. Below, the Xiaobian has sorted out several decoration renderings of different styles in Panlong ideal city for everyone

household type: four bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: European and American style

Design Description: the new elegant style goes beyond the design method of traditional luxury houses. It is more fashionable, more personalized, and more in line with international high-end taste. It breaks the modernist modeling form and decoration method, pays attention to the collocation of lines and the coordination of colors, opposes simplification, and pursues taste and harmonious color collocation

household type: four bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: mix and match style

Design Description: Ginkgo sink is like scattered ginkgo leaves in autumn, making this golden world romantic and shining, just like a colorful oil painting in the original art museum. Under this poetic and elegant tone, I yearn across the river from the West Lake and overlook the most beautiful river bay. Only then can I dare to call this picture the most beautiful building

household type: four bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: pastoral style

Design Description: pastoral style is a popular decoration style, and its main purpose is to show the pastoral atmosphere through decoration. However, the countryside here is not rural, but a style close to nature and yearning for nature. The simplicity of rural style is a favorite feature of many decorators who choose this style

household type: three bedrooms and two halls

decoration style: European and American style

Design Description: because the north and South are transparent, the pattern is square. Each room is well lit and has a spacious balcony area, so leisure life can be well satisfied. The beam position layout is also very reasonable, which is a good basis for the later modeling design. The only drawback is that the aisle area entering the door is a little narrow and long, and the post decoration treatment needs some attention. Therefore, the floor paving and decorative ceiling in the entrance aisle area are treated in different areas, and the shoe cabinet is inlaid on the right side, so that the whole aisle is not so long

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