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The central bank cut interest rates and reserve requirements for the sixth time this year, which is a rare opportunity for buyers. Of course, for borrowers who have just received new houses and are ready to decorate, interest benefits are also many. Do you know what to pay attention to when handling the decoration loan of CCB

the loan limit of a single household of decoration loan of CCB shall not exceed 1million yuan; Among them, China Construction Bank will directly grant a consumer credit loan of up to 300000 yuan (including) and no more than 30% of the house value (subject to the collateral value confirmed when handling the housing loan) to the housing loan customers who apply for the loan for the decoration of the housing purchased by their housing loan, the normal repayment of the housing loan for more than 2 years (including) and have no default records and other default conditions. Such a high amount of decoration loan has attracted many borrowers who are preparing to loan for decoration. There are many advantages, and of course, there are precautions. The following four points need to be paid attention to when handling the decoration loan of CCB:

1 The decoration loan of CCB is a loan issued to the borrower for the decoration of self owned housing. The housing decoration mentioned here refers to the engineering activities of using decoration materials to decorate and process the housing. In other words, the property must be owned by itself

2. The special requirements in the decoration loan of CCB are: Housing decoration contract, decoration budget estimate and relevant materials signed with decoration enterprises approved by relevant departments; In addition, some banks also require the owners to have their own funds of no less than 30% of the total decoration budget, and invest in the project construction before using the loan, so as to effectively earmark the funds

3. According to the regulations of China Construction Bank, personal consumption loans are generally not allowed to withdraw cash. The bank will transfer the decoration loan of CCB to the account of the decoration company

4. The term of CCB decoration loan generally does not exceed 5 years

at present, as far as I know, the interest rate of decoration loans of CCB is implemented in accordance with the current national standard of loan interest rate for the same period. Therefore, compared with the loans of some current financial institutions, the interest rate is more advantageous, but when dealing with it, we must pay attention to the precautions mentioned in the above article to avoid unnecessary trouble




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