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With the improvement of people's living standards, the decoration requirements of hotels are also increasing. The use frequency of hotel bathroom is relatively high, so what should we pay attention to in the decoration of hotel bathroom? Let's briefly introduce the decoration of the hotel bathroom

with the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for hotel decoration are also increasing. The use frequency of hotel bathroom is relatively high, so what should we pay attention to in the decoration of hotel bathroom? Let's briefly introduce the decoration of the hotel bathroom

I. precautions for hotel bathroom decoration

1. Ground. The floor of the toilet should be waterproof and non slip. The floor decoration material of the toilet is best to use the anti-skid floor tile with raised patterns. This kind of floor tile not only has good waterproof performance, but also won't be too slippery even when it is stained with water

2. Wall surface: the walls of the bathroom should also be waterproof and moisture-proof, so generally choose wall tiles, and pay attention to the selection of wall tiles matching with the floor tiles, so as to unify the decoration style of the bathroom

3. Top surface: the top of the toilet is the most important to prevent moisture and cover. It is best to use PVC gusset plate with good waterproof performance as the ceiling, which can be installed on the keel and can also cover the pipe. You can also use glass and translucent plates to make ceilings. In addition, you can also brush the top with waterproof paint

4. Sanitary ware: sanitary ware and some supporting facilities should be complete. Sanitary wares mainly include bathtub or shower room, washbasin, toilet, etc., and supporting facilities include vanity mirror, towel rack, soap tank, bathtub handle, etc. If there are elderly or disabled people at home, it is best to press three handrails beside the toilet

5. Cabinet: the bathroom supplies and cosmetics in the bathroom are not large, but there are a lot of them. It's best to make a small cabinet and shelf to place them. However, considering the humidity of the toilet, the use of wood products should be minimized. If wood products must be used, fireproof boards or materials with strong water resistance should also be used

6. Door leaf: the door of the toilet should be made of waterproof, rust proof, fire-proof and corrosion-resistant materials, and it is best not to use wooden doors to prevent moisture and deformation in the future. The toilet should have a threshold to prevent water from overflowing

7. Electrical appliances: the bathroom is humid, so be extra careful when installing electric lights and wires. The switch should be equipped with safety protection device, and the socket should be equipped with waterproof cover. Because the wires in the bathroom should not be exposed, pay attention to where you need to leave sockets and connectors in advance. The common electrical appliances in the bathroom include water heater, heater, ceiling lamp, washing machine, etc. It should be reminded that if you need to make up in the bathroom, don't forget to set a light on the vanity mirror, and it's best to reserve a socket next to it to charge the razor or use the hair dryer

8. Heating: general decoration now uses “ Yuba ”, Wall mounted heaters are also used

9. Drainage: the floor of the toilet should have a water outlet, and the floor should have a certain slope to avoid water accumulation. It's best to make a pool for washing mops and solve the problem of washing machine drainage

Second, how to decorate and design the bathroom of the hotel

we divide the bathroom into two areas: dry area and wet area. Four functions: shower, bathtub, toilet, and washing table (some hotel guest rooms have added the function of dressing table). Unless it is required to meet the above functions, the most important thing is to facilitate the application, the division of dry and wet areas should be scientific, the streamline setting in the bathroom should be smooth, and the application of guests should be convenient and safe

the design of wet area includes shower and bathtub. The shower space is required to be sealed. When guests are bathing, water cannot overflow outside. The detail treatment of humanized design makes us attach great importance to the shower design in wet areas, such as the anti-skid problem of the ground; For the problem that the drainage is smooth and the underground drain is hidden, a small stone orange is set in a small space of about 1 ㎡ to facilitate guests to take a bath. The size, position and height of the bath box must also be carefully considered, and the basic space required for guests to move in the shower room should be specially calculated. In contrast to the design that the guests in the shower stand and act, the design of the bathtub area is to consider the special request that the guests are lying down, the position of bath liquid, soap box and hand-held shower, the length and height of the bathtub handle, and the treatment of bathtub overflow &hellip& hellip; All must be designed according to the requirements of ergonomics. The installation position of the hardware faucet of the bathtub should not hinder the guests' actions

the functions of the dry area include toilet and wash basin. The setting of the wash basin is supplemented by a small TV set according to the original function. Of course, magnifying glass, 110V conjoined socket, hair dryer, etc. as reserved items, are still the place where designers work hard. What makes some patterns is the connection between the ceramic wash basin and the table, or the treatment of the basin under the stage, or the basin on the stage, or half on the stage and half off the stage. Since some daily hand washing and gargling products should be placed on the wash table, it should have a fixed length. The design practice has proved that its length should not be less than 1 meter. The best way to deal with the toilet is to separate it into an independent small space and set a door for it alone. In this way, when the toilet wall is changed to a sliding door, the privacy of the toilet is still good. Add a book folder, telephone and SOS in the space of the toilet

summary: the above is a small series of hotel bathroom decoration notes to share some, I hope to help you





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