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Cartier's top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows, the top ten brands of aluminum doors and windows, and the brand of broken bridge aluminum doors and windows

there is a saying in the door and window franchise industry that if the choice is wrong, the efforts will be in vain, and the door and window franchisees will have to choose the brand as if they choose the object. If they choose the wrong brand, they may regret every day and night in the future. If they choose the right brand, they will save a lot of effort in the future management of doors and windows

1 honorary brand reputation of home decoration is naturally good.

adhering to German quality, it began in 1999. It has been galloping in the door and window industry for many years and has won dozens of Brand Awards. It has set up manufacturing bases in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and built a headquarters integrating marketing, production and service in Foshan, Guangdong Province. It has hundreds of partners all over the country, and has won the honors of "national consumer confidence and satisfaction brand", "top ten brands of aluminum alloy doors and windows" and "top ten brands of Guangdong aluminum doors"

2 introduce advanced productivity at home and abroad to ensure leading technology

the company spends a lot of money to customize professional door and window design software, introduces production equipment and manufacturing processes from Germany, Italy and other countries, and is equipped with high-precision CNC double head saws, full-automatic bending machines, corner striking machines, full-automatic threading machines, full-automatic hydraulic punching machines, and customized debugging machines. Realize management digitalization and production automation, and sign long-term strategic cooperation plans with German hardware companies such as hobo, Gewu, siglia, etc., to ensure that the productivity of Cartier doors and windows is synchronized with the development of Europe

3 fine workshop management

strictly control the production cycle of more than 5000 m2 aircraft carrier warehouse + at least 1-year aluminum profile reserve, and the delivery period is short, with an average of more than 11 days for peers. From raw materials entering the factory to complete sets of products leaving the factory, the quality inspection standard that must be inspected in every link is implemented, and the rigor of German craftsmen is implemented to create exquisite doors and windows

4 professional R & D team members have excellent technology

the company has more than 50 door and window R & D talents with college or bachelor degree or above. It always controls the pulse of market demand, and continuously develops new door and window products according to market changes and consumer needs every year. It not only meets consumer needs, but also ensures that product design, technical quality, style and customer service are at the leading level

5 nanny intimate service cooperation worry free

the "one-to-one service" in the company's first venture creates a perfect pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system, covering store design, product training, event planning, etc. every partner is equipped with regional managers, customer service, merchandising and technical support, providing professional assistance to store operations, and helping you make quick profits

6 exclusive customization and extreme design meet personalized needs

Cartier doors and windows are mainly customized with German doors and windows. Through on-site measurement, consultation, and scientific design, they can customize doors and windows more suitable for household use for consumers, maximize the use of space, and ensure that doors and windows achieve silence, environmental protection, and energy conservation

7 the professional soft decoration design team

provides dealers with on-site display, jewelry budget, logistics and transportation services, and the nanny after-sales customer service team solves various detailed problems for you. Create a comprehensive service system, pay full attention to customer satisfaction, and achieve systematic service before, during and after sales, so that customers have no worries at home

every product of Cartier doors and windows will adhere to the details, grasp the quality, and formulate detailed quality management standards in every link. Establish a quality assurance system independent of production management. Detailed and controllable management standards have been formulated from product design, process flow, workshop production, transportation and sale





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