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Shengzhou montage electric appliance teaches you to turn on and off the range hood early and late. Is the range hood always on in the process of cooking? Or do you turn on the range hood after seeing the oil in the pot heat up and produce lampblack, and turn it off immediately after the dishes are cooked? It is estimated that most people will choose the latter, on the one hand, in order to save electricity, on the other hand, it is always unnecessary to drive. I tell you this is a big mistake. The range hood should be opened early and closed late. Its use should run through the whole cooking process

many people think that the function of the range hood is to remove the lampblack generated during cooking. This is only one of the functions of the range hood. It can also discharge harmful gases in the kitchen

both coal-fired stoves and gas stoves will produce air pollutants such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and inhalable dust particles during use. When the range hood is out of service, as long as it is burned for a few minutes, nitrogen compounds will exceed the standard by five times, while carbon monoxide gas can exceed the standard by more than 65 times. If you only turn on the range hood when cooking and turn it off immediately after cooking, you can't exhaust all the exhaust gas generated by gas combustion

the correct way to use it is to turn on the range hood as soon as cooking begins, whether it is frying, frying, boiling, steaming, stewing. Even if the cooking is over, don't turn off the range hood immediately. You should let it run for another five or six minutes, so as to exhaust the harmful gases left in the kitchen to the greatest extent. Then turn it off, and the kitchen environment will be more healthy and safe

in addition, pay attention to frequent cleaning of the range hood, otherwise it will affect the effect of smoke extraction and exhaust. It is recommended to use a side suction range hood. The range hood with this working mode has better smoking effect and generally has better oil separation function

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