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Now there are three main types of houses supplied by real estate developers, “ Simple decoration room, “ Fine decoration and “ Blank houses, these three kinds of houses have different standards for house collection, and the items that the owner needs to check are also different. Today, let's talk about the differences in detail

simple decoration room

generally refers to the most basic decoration of the kitchen and bathroom of the house, equipped with the most basic equipment, three sides (ground, wall, top) of other rooms in the house are not decorated, and the room is equipped with indoor doors and simple lamps. If you don't have special needs to buy such a room, basically the kitchen and bathroom don't need to be decorated, and the water circuit doesn't need to be reconstructed. If the owner buys such a house, it is necessary to carefully inspect the kitchen, bathroom and water and electricity transformation of the house

fine decoration house

generally refers to that the house has been decorated normally and equipped with all the equipment and furniture it should have. In theory, you can carry a bag and check in. But first of all, we have a deep understanding of hardcover “ The refined understanding is different, and the decoration is the decoration of radishes and vegetables. It is difficult for everyone to like the decoration completed by the developer. In addition, there may be some poor quality projects in the decoration of the developer. Therefore, when you buy a hardbound house, it is likely that you need to carry out the work of re decoration after demolition. Therefore, the owners who buy hardbound houses should be more strict when they close the house, and carefully check all the furniture, concealed works and wall top and floor decoration of the house

rough house

is a house without any decoration inside. When buying this kind of house, the owner should pay attention to whether the wall, ground and top surface are leveled, whether the waterproof of the bathroom is in place, etc

the circuit situation needs special attention

when the house is closed, the owners need to pay special attention to the circuit situation of the room. They should pay attention to check whether there are modules and leads in the telephone socket and network cable socket reserved by the developer. Some housing developers only have a steel wire in the telephone socket reserved by the developer, and the owners need to lead their own wires. These owners should check clearly and write it down in advance, so as to prepare for decoration in advance; If it is a hardbound house, the owners need to check whether the quality of the wires embedded by the developer is qualified, and whether the construction is in place, such as whether the wires buried in the wall pass through the pipe, whether each wire can twitch, etc. in short, the circuit situation is an item that the owners should check carefully when they collect the house





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