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The application of the latest technology of painting and conveying in automobile coating

1, bell bell technology

metallic paint is generally sprayed with esta, which is generally more expensive. The first metallic paint is sprayed with an automatic air gun, and the second metallic paint is sprayed with an automatic air gun. The purpose of using automatic gas spray gun is to improve the flashing effect of aluminum powder and meet the color difference requirements of metallic paint at the same time. However, the spraying efficiency of the air spray gun is only about 30%, the paint utilization rate is low, and the paint mist is large during the spraying process. Excessive paint mist is easy to cause paint film defects, resulting in the increase of paint rework rate. At present, the latest development trend is to use metallic bell instead of gas spray gun. Abb, Duerr and sames have patented technology of this kind of spray cup

metallic Bell's rotating speed and forming air volume of the spray cup are larger than those of the ordinary spray cup. At the same time, the diameter of the new rotating cup is also larger than that of the ordinary rotating cup. Moreover, the edge of the spray cup is of sharp edge structure, and the angle of the rotating cup is smaller. These characteristics can make the paint particles of metallic paint after atomization drier and smaller, so as to achieve the flashing effect similar to that of air spray gun

esta/es1 Korean raw material manufacturer has just ordered a complex hp-rtm metering equipment TA from cannon afros to replace esta/spraymate. The paint utilization rate can be increased from 40% - 50% to 70% - 80%, the amount of metal paint per vehicle can be reduced by about 0.7kg, and the rework rate can be reduced by 2% - 4%. At present, Japanese joint ventures (such as Jiujiang Changjiang Suzuki) have adopted this technology in the coating line in China

2. Ro dip conveying technology

ro dip Chinese can be translated into full rotation reverse impregnation conveying technology, which is a patented technology of Duerr company. Full rotation means that the body can rotate 360 ° freely. Reverse impregnation means that when the body rotates 180 ° into the groove, the bottom is up, the tail is forward and backward, and then rotates 180 ° out of the groove

ro dip conveying technology solves the problems that cannot be solved by suspension chain and double swing chain, such as completely eliminating the pollution of dripping water, oil and liquid on the body and tank liquid of the conveying system; The problem of bubbles in the front and rear covers and the inner cavity of the roof is solved; The amount of liquid entrainment in the groove is greatly reduced due to the rotation of the car body out of the groove. After ro dip conveying technology is adopted for pretreatment and electrophoresis, the deposition of electrophoretic paint on the car body plane is reduced, the leveling property is good, and the paint film is smooth and fine, thus reducing the grinding workload; Electrophoretic paint film is more uniform; The quality of intracavity electrophoretic paint film has been greatly improved

the use of RO dip conveying technology can save investment costs. The cupping test is an effective method to test the stamping performance of stainless steel materials. The length of the conveying chain can also be shortened, and the operating costs will also be reduced, such as saving the amount of chemicals in the tank, saving water, electricity, energy and maintenance costs. Ro dip conveying technology is used in Shanghai Volkswagen Polo pretreatment and electrophoretic coating production line

3. Varioshuttle conveying technology

varioshuttle, also known as multi-function shuttle, is a patented technology of Eisenmann company. The conveying system has three driving devices, namely, walking driving device, swinging driving device and rotating driving device

the biggest feature of varioshuttle conveying technology is that different immersion angles, overturning methods and forward speeds can be optimized according to different models to meet the best treatment methods. In order to get the best quality, through the control of PLC, the car body can flexibly pass through the slot in different positions and orientations

with varioshuttle conveying technology, the car body can swing in the groove to eliminate bubbles in local parts of the car body; The car body can be completely dripped above the soaking tank, so as to minimize the entrainment of tank liquid; Because different speeds can be used during processing, even stop and reverse, the length of the tank can be shortened to the shortest; Through the display and mapping of the experimental data, it is shown in the corresponding position of the display in the form of a window. The inclination rather than complete turnover also reduces the depth of the tank as much as possible; The reduction of tank volume can reduce the floor space, and at the same time, save the first feeding amount, energy consumption and cleaning and maintenance workload. At present, the new line of FAW Volkswagen has adopted varioshuttle transportation technology, and the coating line of Shanghai Volkswagen No. 4 plant will also adopt this technology. (end)

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