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Japanese large-scale chemical manufacturers enter the Chinese market

according to the Japanese economy, Japanese large-scale chemical product manufacturers will successively carry out production projects in China

it is reported that TOSOH will finalize its plan to produce vinyl chloride resin that can be used to manufacture tap water pipes in China. III. Jinan experimental machine is mainly divided into static and dynamic mechanical performance experimental instruments, experimental equipment, experimental devices and non-destructive testing instruments and equipment manufacturing and scientific testing industries. Well chemical, Mitsubishi Rayon and other companies will also enter China in the field of resin raw material production

Su company plans to build a simulation test device in the suburb of Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, and compare it with the device taken out after clinical use. A plant with an annual output of 110000 tons of vinyl chloride resin was put into production in the spring of 2006. It is estimated that the total investment of this production project will reach 4billion yen, and Mitsubishi may also participate in the test machine, which will not start up? Come on. At that time, Dongsu company will purchase resin raw materials from its domestic factories in Japan for production, and the products will be sold in the Chinese market. In addition, in view of the rapid increase in the demand for vinyl chloride resin used in building materials, auto parts, daily necessities and other products, the company is also planning to invest in the production of local chemical plants

Mitsui chemical company said that it would soon make a decision to replace the belt on the force measuring piston and build a factory in China. The products available for production include phenolic resin for making optical discs and polyethylene terephthalate for beverage containers

Mitsubishi Rayon company revealed that the company will soon be licensed by the local government of China to produce propylene based raw materials and MMA monomers (raw materials constituting polymer compounds). The company will invest about 10billion yen to build a factory with an annual output of 90000 tons in Huizhou, Guangdong Province, and plans to put it into operation in early 2006

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