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The application of industrial computers in intelligent call centers

with the gradual expansion of China's call center market, the development speed of China's call centers has gradually slowed down, and China's call center industry has entered a mature period. The growth rate of call center seats has gradually decreased from 20% in 2001 to about 8% in 2005. The main reasons are the saturation of the user market in large industries and the slow development of the small and medium-sized enterprise market

CCW research predicts that China's call center market will enter the second high-speed development period from the year of 28. Friction loss detection 2006. This is because, driven by the application of call centers for large enterprise users, the intelligence of blow molding machines in the small and medium-sized enterprise market of call centers is gradually maturing, and the demand will grow rapidly, thus driving the growth rate of China's call center market from 8% in 2005 to 17.6% in 2008. In particular, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo have brought great driving force to the whole society from the aspects of economy, tourism and cultural exchanges, reflecting the current upsurge of improving customer service quality advocated by all walks of life

call center, also known as "customer service center", takes computer technology and telecommunications technology as an access means, and can quickly, accurately and friendly complete the requirements of customer information query. It will be widely used in large-scale information query and automatic event response processing business in power, telecommunications, postal, banking, securities and other industries, It will bring good social and economic benefits to the development of China's economic construction. In order to comply with this trend and show its strong scientific research strength to all sectors of the society, Yanxiang Intelligent Technology launched an intelligent call center hardware platform. In addition to providing traditional call channels, the call center also supports automatic fax, email, web, IP and other service methods, providing investors with comprehensive communication channels

II. System block diagram and its description:

the system block diagram is shown in the above figure. The whole call center is composed of three parts: client, manual service desk and automatic answering desk. Suppose a customer needs to inquire about a business from a company or a business from a customer service center, he can first contact the customer service center through the client equipment (such as,, computer, fax machine, etc.), and then select the required service according to the guidance of the automatic voice prompt of the switch. The system will transfer the manual service or the automatic response platform according to the customer's input information. The process for the customer to obtain information is: the master computer (ipc-8461) obtains the information required by the customer by accessing the database, and then converts the information into voice and broadcasts it to the customer. In the whole call center, industrial control computer (ipc-8461) is the most important part. It must complete important tasks such as system busy and busy judgment, customer information query, information format conversion and so on. In order to ensure the stable operation of the whole system, we require the master computer not only to be solid and durable, but also to have good scalability, strong system stability and the ability to adapt to harsh environments

III. system electromechanical 1 must import servo electromechanical configuration as follows:

1 Industrial chassis: ipc-8461 adopts all steel structure and has a 6.5-inch FTF LCD display. It has strong scalability, convenient maintenance and excellent performance. It can play well even in the face of harsh environments Industrial motherboard: fsc-1713vn industrial motherboard adopts Intel 845GV chipset, and the main frequency is up to 3, which fully improves the effectiveness of technical docking 06ghz, stable performance and powerful functions, truly meet the requirements of long-term stable operation of the host

3 Industrial backplane: ipc-6114lp3, with the highest cost performance, strong scalability and flexible configuration, can meet the expansion requirements of different users

4 Data server: server of a company

5 Switch: a company's switch

IV. comprehensive evaluation

the intelligent call center audio system built by the intelligent call center hardware platform provided by Yanxiang intelligent technology not only ensures the convenience of users, but also provides humanized, intelligent and personalized features. On the one hand, it can help customers enjoy the high-quality service of the audio system to the greatest extent, on the other hand, it can also help enterprises improve service quality and management level, and improve the competitiveness of the unit. On the whole, the system also has good versatility and scalability, which is conducive to the further expansion of the function and capacity of the voice system, and improves the long-term effectiveness of the system investment. The system is applicable to the application of call centers in telecommunications, finance, banking, insurance, real estate, large companies and so on

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