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Japanese industrial robot enterprises encounter a cold winter Japanese media: strange trade war

on January 22, Reference News reported that Yaskawa electric, one of the world's four largest industrial robot manufacturers, and the backbone enterprise that produces tool machines and industrial robots, have made a downward adjustment to their performance or published a message of revenue reduction in mid January. The two companies agreed that the reason why the performance did not meet the standard was that Chinese enterprises took a wait-and-see attitude towards equipment investment due to the impact of the trade war

corporate revenue indicates that the resolution of torque tester of Jinan new era Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. is high and low. The resolution of torque tester equipment is an important indicator of instrument performance. The market is depressed.

according to Taiwan Juheng on January 19, Yaskawa electric published the final accounts for 2018 on January 10. The sales volume was reduced from the original 5. When the pneumatic sensor was impacted by external forces or used in excess of capacity, the estimated 498billion yen was reduced to 482billion yen (-3.2%), Revenue also fell from 59billion yen to 53billion yen (-10.2%). This is also the second reduction since last October

the report points out that industrial robots and tool machines are called fa (factory automation) products. The order amount and sales status of these products can be used as a leading indicator of the investment intention of manufacturing equipment. In particular, the final accounting period of Yaskawa Electric is in February, and the final accounting period of bueryue is in November, about half a month earlier than the same industry. Industry insiders believe that from the final accounting contents published by these two companies, we can judge the future trend of the share price of factory automation related enterprises

the sales volume announced by bueryue in the final accounts in November 2018 was 252.2 billion yen, 2.2 billion yen more than the original forecast of 250 billion yen (+0.88%). However, in terms of revenue, it fell from the original forecast of 18billion yen to 15.3 billion yen (-15%)

according to the report, Yaskawa electric and bueryue also agreed that the reason why the performance did not meet the standard was that Chinese enterprises took a wait-and-see attitude towards equipment investment due to the impact of the trade war

it was reported by the trade war wave and

that Yaskawa Electric said that the time from the beginning of contact with customers to the actual delivery was lengthened by setting the maximum range. Bofu Honda, chairman of bueryue, also believes that the situation of the industrial robot market is not good. Although there are major cases or customers under negotiation, Chinese enterprises as a whole take a wait-and-see attitude

in recent years, the production of industrial robots and tool machines, which are related to factory automation, can be said to be unprecedented. The report points out that driven by the automotive industry, the electronic industry and the electronic OEM, there are a large number of orders on hand. According to the statistics of Japan working machinery industry association, the order amount of Japanese manufacturers hit a record high in 2017, and the quick report value of order amount in 2018 was 1 trillion 815.8 billion yen. It is estimated that the past record will be updated again. The Japan robot industry association also estimated that the order amount of industrial robots in Japan in 2018 would exceed 1 trillion yen for the first time

a large manipulator equipped with 3D intelligent recognition system was photographed in Tokyo, Japan on January 17. Photo source Xinhua News Agency

reported that affected by the trade war provoked by the United States, many investors are not optimistic about the future development, but some people in the industry have different views. With regard to the outlook for the March 2020 period, Ikumi Hana, President of Okuma, a Japanese tool and machine manufacturer, believes that the U.S. market will remain stable. YASKAWA electric and Okuma also believe that the Chinese market and the European market will also grow in 2019

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