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Japanese letterpress has invested heavily in the Chinese market

the factories of Shanghai letterpress Co., Ltd. and Shanghai letterpress Co., Ltd., the production base of Japan letterpress printing Co., Ltd. (Toppan) in Shanghai, China, have been completed and officially put into production. The total investment of the two Shanghai companies is 3billion yen, and the sales are planned to reach 3billion yen in 2007

Shanghai letterpress Co., Ltd. is responsible for the processing of film products, while Shanghai letterpress printing Co., Ltd. is responsible for the printing processing. The factories of the two companies have introduced the most cutting-edge mechanical equipment and green production environment, which are at the same advanced level as those in Japan

the new company will produce high-performance packaging materials made of transparent vacuum GL film to realize cupping test on electronic universal testing machine, and provide them to relevant Chinese enterprises and Japanese and European and American enterprises doing business in China. The packaging materials the company plans to produce include: sealed cooking food packaging materials, various soft packaging, hose containers, beer labels, etc. In addition, the production of medical products with gap impact ≥ 10kj/m2 and high-performance packaging materials for electronic parts are also planned

Or it is difficult to add support in the pipe wall, but it is very effective.

Shanghai Dongyang Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd., established in China by Dongyang Ink Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (also belonging to relief group), will provide printing materials to Shanghai relief printing Co., Ltd., so as to give more effective play to the business resources owned by the entire relief group and promote its business in China

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