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Kawasaki heavy industry of Japan launched a large wheel truck loader

Kawasaki heavy industry of Japan recently began to sell a "mechanical performance, also known as mechanical performance 80zv" wheel truck loader with greatly improved loading and unloading performance

"80zv" wheel truck loader is superior to the original loader in that the bucket lift on the truck becomes the height that the cooperative merchant machine of "Green Plan" can reach when it is filled with sand and raised higher than the original loader by 4.5 meters, and the length of the force arm is also increased by 6.5 meters, which can greatly improve the loading and unloading capacity

the engine equipped with "80zv" meets the exhaust emission standard implemented by the Ministry of land and transportation of Japan this autumn. In addition, the "80zv" cab is sometimes equipped with special steel at the mouth of the "Tong" qiaojinliang, or the surface of the jaw is sprayed with steel grit, etc., and a full-automatic air conditioner is installed

the company estimates that the annual sales volume of "80zv" wheel truck loaders is about 100

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