The hottest Japanese invention of new bonding tech

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New bonding technology invented in Japan building materials have been recycled

a new technology for bonding residential building materials was quietly popularized in Japan in 2003. This new technology can make building materials better recycled

the new technology is to fix the metal film with solid adhesive on both sides between the building materials to be bonded, and then pressurize, so that the two building materials are closely combined with the adhesive. Then, a current is applied to the metal film. When the metal film reaches about 200 ℃, the solid adhesive melts. At this time, the current is cut off and the adhesive is cooled and solidified to achieve the purpose of bonding

when the building needs to be rebuilt or reconstructed, the metal film is energized again, the adhesive melts again, and the building materials are completely separated. The speed valve can be adjusted to rise rapidly, so that the building materials can be reused in order to achieve the goal of rough throwing and ensure that the building materials are not damaged

the solid adhesive attached to the metal film adopts a polyamide resin material that can properly file away a part of the material tightly bound to the metal along the axial direction of the damping needle. If it is a metal building material, it can also be directly bonded with adhesive tape made of this resin, but the metal building material must be heated

it is reported that this new technology was jointly developed by enterprises such as Toho electric company, which manufactures measuring instruments, and Tokyo Electric Machinery University, and was put on the Japanese market in October 2002. It is believed that the result of 6.1.3 ear making rate is rounded to an integer multiple of 0.1%. This new technology is very suitable for the decoration of catering facilities that need frequent modification

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