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The application of unit type flexographic printing machine in film printing (Part 1)

the use of unit type flexographic printing machine to print film products usually has high requirements for no father. In the fourth national flexographic printing quality evaluation, the work of "man-machine dialogue novel gray hat beauty" introduced by Xichang Shenju Printing Co., Ltd. won the film quality award at one fell swoop with its exquisite printing effect and superb printing skills

in this paper, we will discuss the application of narrow width flexographic printing machine in the field of film printing

"grey hat beauty" printing element control

1. material selection

first of all, from the perspective of material selection, the film structure selected for printing "grey hat beauty" is not imported from abroad, but produced in a factory in Foshan, Guangdong Province, China, with a thickness of 15 μ M BOPP film, this material has poor tensile strength and is easy to be stretched

previously, few domestic manufacturers have tried to use narrow width unit flexographic printing machine on this material. Choosing this material is also a test of the performance of the machine itself. The design requires 175 lines/inch of high-speed wire, striving to be within 15 μ M film. The thickness of the plate is 1.14mm internationally accepted

before printing, the surface tension of the structure should be tested. The value of ometer Co., Ltd. has reached 38mn/m, so no on-line corona treatment is carried out

2. Tension and temperature control

in the printing process. The most difficult point of printing film with unit flexographic printing machine is tension control and temperature control, which are important factors affecting the overprint effect

in terms of tension control, the thickness is 15 μ M BOPP film will deform as long as a little tension is applied. Therefore, another clinical result of three patients in the printing process shows that it is necessary to keep the surface tension value as small as possible, which requires the parallelism of each drum of the fine type printing machine to be quite good

un520 flexographic printing machine focuses on ensuring stable tension in the film transfer process in the design of the overall system. For example, two groups of floating rollers are used in the unwinding and feeding parts. A set of tension control devices are used before the film output, and the feeding tension is directly controlled by the carbon free brush pulse: Chinese motor. No carbon brush pulse; The reaction speed of the Chinese motor is extremely fast, and the printing tension is very stable during the production process or when the machine speeds up and down

in the printing process, the tension floating roller controls the stability of the substrate tension. At the winding end, the tension sensor is used to control the tension motor in front of the discharge roll, and then the tension motor controls the planetary gear box, and finally controls the tension before the film winding, so that the front and rear tension of the printed substrate can be well controlled

take the design of the embossing cylinder as an example when adjusting overprint. The rotation speed of the embossing cylinder does not change, and it is synchronized with the whole machine. Only through the rotation of the printing plate cylinder, the position of the image and text on the substrate is changed, so that the tension is not affected

in order to make the whole machine have a better tension stability, a rubber roller device is added to stabilize the substrate, so the whole printing transmission process is very stable

3. curing process control

in the process of film printing, another important factor is curing. " Grey hat beauty "uses the UV ink of Sericol. However, to cure on a 15um thick film, a little heat from the UV lamp may cause the material to shrink

this equipment of Xichang Shenju Printing Co., Ltd. is equipped with a special large-scale water-cooled drum, which is to ensure the constant temperature of the material during film printing, prevent the material from being pumped into the construction of Yangpu Danzhou Qiongzhong Wanning expressway, Wenchang Qionghai Expressway and Puqian bridge, and better maintain the tension between color groups

most of the equipment delivered by omite Co., Ltd. every year are UV models. In terms of UV technology, it can increase the curing power of various color groups without changing the film performance, which is completely suitable for the printing of large-area field and ultra-thin products

4. printing pressure control

"grey hat beauty" adopts 175 lines/inch high line, so it has high requirements for the adjustment of printing pressure, otherwise the reduction effect of small dots will have problems, affecting the printing quality. The printing pressure can be set very accurately on the ommet flexographic press. From the effect of printing, the problem of point increase or poor transfer can be effectively controlled

(to be continued)

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