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Japan's ITO industry launched energy-saving coatings

Japan's ITO industry launched energy-saving coatings

but a comprehensive index of mechanical properties such as elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of materials

July 20, 2006

and set up a benchmark. ITO industry (Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture) developed a characteristic coating [sipotex] with sun proof, heat insulation and waterproof functions. Combined with engineering examples, The [sipotex] thermal insulation construction process with [sipotex] coating on the roof was developed, and Yidong industry proposed a plan to increase the turnover by 20% by taking advantage of new technology

it has been proved that the thermal insulation layer is one of the most important factors in the public technology of the roof, which can save energy. In the past, the construction method of thermal insulation layer was to apply asbestos layer. However, with the passage of time, the asbestos layer aging and decomposition, and the problem of flying pollution is difficult to solve

[sipotex] the thermal insulation coating adds lime foaming crystal composition. Through the principle of lime foaming (hollow body), the thermal insulation effect can be effectively exerted. The rich volcanic ash deposits in nanjiuzhou provide a guide for the production of this new type of coating. What are the details of the installation of tensile testing machine and the requirements for fixtures? Provided a strong guarantee

after the actual test, the indoor temperature of the room with new material coating on the roof is 6~8 degrees lower than that of the room with coating under the same condition when the outdoor temperature is more than 38 degrees, which is highly praised by consumers

as a substitute for asbestos insulation layer, [sipotex] thermal insulation coating effectively reduces pollution and improves durability. So far, Toshiba, Honda, Japan iron and other large enterprises have begun to adopt the process of [sipotex] thermal insulation coating in winter to improve the plant environment and save energy. Iran East industries will also adopt further strategies to expand the market and promote their new products to the whole of Japan

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