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Hitachi maxell of Japan launched co/pd multi-layer diaphragm for HDD

recently, Hitachi maxell of Japan designed a new generation of vertical magnetic recording testing machine cylinder to introduce a new type of recording and storage medium for hard disk drive (HDD). This storage medium is composed of simulated dot matrix cobalt/palladium (co/pd) layers. In the traditional HDD recording and storage media, cobalt/chromium (co/cr) laminations are used

hitachi maxell's parent company, Hitachi, confirmed that the new storage media has stable performance under high temperature conditions, with a surface recording density of 63.8 × 10 9bits/in2。 Looking forward to the future, HDD will be widely used in electronic products and will become a big market

in order to improve the density of storage when using the experimental machine in ordinary times, this experiment is related to the width and thickness of the sample. Before two years, Hitachi maxell has begun to study the laminated material for HDD, which has been used as magnetic photoconductive material at present. The parent company concentrates on the development of vertical magnetic recording system, which is expected to sell well in the market in the future

the new magnetic recording and storage medium is a 20 ~ 30nm thick magnetic laminated material, which is composed of about 30 films. The total thickness is 7 ~ 11, and each piece is made of two layers of material, consisting of 2 ~ 3A cobalt and 5 ~ 8A palladium

after the material combination correction, the storage density can be increased to 100% and the sample can be supplemented to replace the waste sample × 109bits/in2。 The company predicts that with the further reduction of noise, it can be increased to 300 × 109~400 × 109bits/in2。 The company will continue to conduct research with a view to achieving industrial production

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