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How to make food packaging sound

the purpose of food packaging is to protect the quality and safety of food, provide convenience for users, highlight the appearance and signs of commodity packaging, and improve the value of commodities. Among them, preventing food deterioration and protecting food quality are the most important purposes of food packaging. With the progress of science and technology and the improvement of people's consumption level, packaging is becoming more and more important in people's life. Fresh keeping, environmental protection and convenience are the new trends in the development of food packaging. The choice of packaging should not only consider the requirements of food packaging, the wishes of consumers and the needs of manufacturers, but also consider the coordination and unity among products, packaging and environment

China is a large country in food production and export, but for a long time, the packaging technology and process of the food industry have lagged behind, and are in the situation of "first-class digital manifesting products, second-class prices, and third-class packaging". Therefore, we must increase scientific and technological investment and improve food packaging technology and process to change the current backward situation of packaging

fresh-keeping packaging of food

at present, the pursuit of increasingly perfect fresh-keeping functions has become the preferred goal of food packaging. In addition to the extensive use of sterile packaging, packaging with the function of deoxidization and preservation also came into being. Showa biochemical company of Japan infiltrates the mineral concentrate of CA3 (PO4) 2 into absorbent paper to form a packaging bag, and puts fruits and vegetables and other foods into this paper packaging material. Fruits and vegetables can get nutrition supply from the mineral concentrate, and CA3 (PO4) 2 can also absorb ethylene and CO2 released by fruits and vegetables, inhibit chlorophyll decomposition, and maintain freshness. The United States has also introduced a new fruit preservation bag made of natural activated clay and PE plastic. Gas and steam can flow through the bag. With this package, the preservation period of fruits and vegetables can be more than doubled. Yingde has jointly developed a package using deoxidizing materials on the inner walls of containers and lids. These deoxidizing materials "eat" excess O2 to achieve the purpose of fresh preservation and extend the shelf life of products. The United States has also introduced smartcap composite caps with oxygen absorption function as beer bottle caps, which can extend the shelf life of beer from March to April to April to June

convenience of food packaging

in addition to meeting the requirements of protecting food quality, the convenience of food packaging is also an aspect that cannot be ignored in the development of food packaging. Consumers need packages that are convenient to open and close, and also need food packaging to bring more convenience to life. Convenience is a new development trend of food packaging

self cooling and self heating food packaging

for the convenience of consumers, the principles of light energy, chemical energy and metal oxidation are used to realize automatic heating or automatic cooling of food in a short time, so as to meet the needs of outdoor workers, tourists, the elderly and children. For example, the self cooling beverage can in the United States is a small container filled with compressed CO2. When it is opened, the volume of CO2 expands rapidly, which can reduce the beverage temperature to 4.4 ℃ within 9 seconds. Japan has developed self heating packaging of sake based on the principle of heat production by mixing quicklime with water, which can heat a can of sake to 58 ℃ within 3 minutes. Riqing company has developed a self heating instant can based on the principle of metal oxidation, which can make the noodles in the can cooked in 5 minutes. There is also food insulation paper, which can convert light energy into heat energy. Putting the paper package in the place exposed to the sun can heat the food

easy to open and easy to seal food packaging

in the past, food packaging containers were often made very tight in pursuit of sealing, which was extremely inconvenient and destructive to open. Food must be eaten in time after opening. With the improvement of technology and the renewal of materials, easy to open and easy to seal packaging containers have developed rapidly because of their convenient use. On the one hand, easy to open and easy to seal materials such as composite plastic film, aluminum plate and other parts replace the past tinplate. On the other hand, cans, self sealing bags, easy to open cans and rotating glass bottles are used to partially replace the past round cans and roll sealed glass bottles, which not only meets the convenience of consumers to open, but also makes food better preserved. In addition, at present, the growth of China's plastic machinery industry has ushered in the golden period of Komen's growth and rapid growth. In order to meet the requirements that athletes can drink without stopping during sports, American Portola packaging company has designed and produced a push-pull bottle cap, which is designed with a sipping bottle mouth and clamped on the water bottle holder of the bicycle for consumers to drink when riding

small food packaging

with the development of snack food and tourism food, small food packaging is also favored. The miniaturization of food packaging is convenient for consumers to carry and eat, avoiding the inconvenience of "carrying" and "re preservation" of food. Many large packaged foods also use individual packaging inside, which is convenient to eat, hygienic and safe, and ensures food quality at the same time

light weight of food packaging

in order to facilitate the carrying of consumers, reduce the use of packaging materials and reduce costs, food packaging is gradually changing to light weight, such as using PET bottles or pen bottles coated with PVDC to hold beer instead of the current glass bottles, and using stretch drawing and deep drawing processes to reduce the thickness of cans. At present, based on pet, the United States has developed a new container made of petlte polyester resin to replace the amorphous PET container on the market, which has good performance and light weight

compared with 1970, the weight of plastic, paper, metal and composite packaging containers today is 10% - 20% lighter. This not only reduces the cost of packaging and sales, but also saves resources and protects the environment

microwave food packaging and green environmental protection packaging

microwave food plays an important role in the food industry because of its convenience, hygiene and other characteristics. According to statistics, 90% of households in the United States currently use microwave ovens, so microwave food and microwave food packaging are developing rapidly. Because microwave food packaging is in direct contact with microwave, its safety and effectiveness deserve attention. For the selection of packaging materials for frozen and refrigerated food used in microwave food, popularity, portability and recyclability should be considered in the market; In terms of safety, consider the penetration and heat resistance of microwave. The degassed packaging materials should be used to prevent cracking, shallow packaging should be used to prevent overturning, thermal insulation packaging should be used to prevent scalding, and pay attention to the oil absorption, water absorption and odor removal of the packaging materials. In addition, in order to achieve the browning and embrittlement effect of food in the microwave oven, induction materials can also be used in the packaging, so that it can convert radiant energy into heat energy, and quickly raise the temperature of food to 200 ~ 220 ℃, so that microwave food has the attractive appearance of traditional food

similar to microwave food packaging, radiation food protection is also exposed to radiation. Therefore, the development and selection of radiation stable packaging materials and additives is also a new trend in the development of food packaging

today, when people pay great attention to the ecological environment, the green packaging of food has also become a necessity. All countries in the world regard reduction, reuse, recycling and degradability as the goals and means of eco-friendly packaging. At present, many developed countries have achieved the modernization of packaging paper mold industry and the universal promotion of paper packaging materials, and developed degradable plastics to replace traditional plastic products. Many countries have issued regulations on the recycling of packaging materials, and some countries have also put forward the policy of "Whoever pollutes, who governs"

in addition to the above mentioned packaging methods, new packaging technologies can also be used, such as active packaging, fresh-keeping packaging, moisture-proof packaging, anti fog packaging, selective breathable packaging, non slip packaging, buffer packaging, anti-static packaging, etc. The application of these packaging technologies can significantly improve the integration of components, greatly improve the function of high packaging, and make it more in line with people's consumption needs

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