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How can China's plastic machinery better "go global"

with the development of China's plastic industry, the annual growth rate of China's plastic machinery industry has been around 30% in recent years, and the growth of profit margin is far higher than the growth of total industrial output value. China has become a major machine manufacturer and consumer of the software of the rib friction coefficient tester of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd., a plastic experimental machine factory in the world, However, for many years, the export value has only accounted for 5% - 10% of the total sales value, which is very disproportionate to the fact that the export volume of Ruyi Dali, a large plastic machinery country, accounts for about 50% of its total output value

first, go abroad and increase exports

as an important technical equipment, plastic processing machinery is widely used in all sectors of the national economy and all fields of people's lives, such as building materials industry, packaging industry, electrical and electronic information industry, agriculture, automobile and transportation industry, light industry, petrochemical industry, machinery industry, national defense industry, etc., and is increasingly playing a very important role in the national economy. The output of plastic machinery in China has ranked first in the world for 9 consecutive years, accounting for more than half of the world's total number every year. China has become a well deserved plastic machine power, but it is by no means a plastic machine power. At present, the plastic machinery produced in China can meet the basic domestic needs, but compared with the world's advanced level, China's plastic processing machinery has a certain gap in quality stability, automation and so on. When talking about the world status of China's plastic machinery industry, Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold, hardware and plastic industry suppliers, told China chemical news that in the past decade, the highest annual sales of China's plastic machinery industry was 28billion yuan, less than 14% of the world's average annual sales, accounting for only 6% of the export market. More than 50% of the domestic market share is occupied by imported equipment. According to the current production capacity and export potential of plastic machinery in China, increasing exports should be one of the basic ways for our further development. We must make full use of the opportunities brought by China's entry into WTO, strive to create conditions, go abroad and expand the international market for the development of China's plastic machinery industry

second, enhance added value and enhance international competitiveness

in terms of large, precision and high-speed equipment, the international competitiveness of China's plastic machinery is still insufficient. In recent years, the number of plastic machinery imported by China is also growing rapidly, importing tens of thousands of sets of various plastic machines every year, and the value of imported plastic processing equipment is about twice the total output value of domestic plastic machinery, This shows that foreign advanced plastic machinery manufacturers have obvious competitive advantages in technology. Especially in the production of some products, imported equipment plays a leading role, such as the production of heat-resistant pet cleaning lines in China, which are almost all completed by imported equipment; High grade film production equipment is also all imported production lines

comparing the import and export price index of plastic machinery, it is not difficult to see that the price of imported equipment has been rising. Last year, the average price of imported equipment reached 160600 US dollars, while the price of exported equipment has been low. Last year, the average price was only 24400 US dollars, and the import and export price difference is still expanding. This fully exposed the problem that China's exported plastic machines mainly serve the middle and low-end market and the added value of products is low

in addition to the low added value of products, the gap between domestic plastic machines and the world level is also manifested in low equipment efficiency, low product accuracy, high unit energy consumption, backward measurement and control technology, and short equipment life. To change this situation, it is necessary to enhance the competitiveness of the national plastic machine in the international market. 1. Whether the fixture is convenient to use and safe

third, change the development concept and pay attention to the needs of the user industry

China's plastic machinery industry provides equipment for almost all industrial fields. These industries have varying degrees of actual and potential needs for plastic machinery, but most of these industries do not know much about plastic machinery. What kind of demand, especially the potential demand, can be provided with plastic machinery solutions, these industries are not clear. Therefore, changing the development concept of plastic machinery has become one of the important prerequisites for the plastic machinery industry to break through the bottleneck of low imitation for decades and try to improve the industry

in this regard, the practices of foreign enterprises are worthy of our reference and also illustrate the future development trend

for example, after the merger of bartonfield and Cincinnati, the internal organization is set up as three business divisions: Construction (profile), infrastructure (pipe) and packaging. These departments correspond to the front application fields, rather than the classification of machine forms

1. Starting from the development of plastic products, provide users of plastic machinery with all-round services from products, process formulas, equipment and after-sales service

2. According to the requirements of users, design and manufacture suitable equipment for users to solve their process difficulties

3. Learn from the technological development of relevant industries in time, and apply all kinds of the latest scientific and technological achievements to this industry. For example, the electronic, communication industry and automobile industry. At present, the performance of this material meets the experimental method of shciqh 0003-200l "qualitative inspection method of milk fiber textiles" and the scientific and technological achievements of the automotive industry and aerospace industry

4. Keep up with the progress of material science and make new equipment suitable for the processing of new raw materials

5. Establish the concept that the key factor for the success or failure of users in the market competition is the equipment, and strive to operate the equipment at a high speed, high efficiency and energy saving

6. There are cases of optimization and reorganization among enterprises, but there is no large-scale combination of large chemical enterprises. Due to the mature professional cooperation abroad, the scale of plastic machinery production enterprises will not be too large

7. Breaking the original industry boundaries, plastic machinery has become a fixed form and developed in depth for various industries, which may lead to the transition to market consumption, but we should pay attention to the correct guidance

8. If conditions permit, continue to learn from foreign advanced products, processes and equipment through various ways, including joint ventures and cooperation, in order to develop China's plastic machinery and improve the technical level

9. The domestic medium and low-end market capacity will be squeezed smaller and smaller. Some enterprises are divided and reorganized. Some enterprises will reduce the proportion of plastic machinery and turn to diversified operation. Some enterprises will avoid domestic vicious competition and open up foreign markets

10. Social professional cooperation will gradually mature. Some manufacturers will focus on a local market to expand their business

11. Increase investment in science and technology, speed up the recruitment of high-quality management and scientific and technological personnel, and strive to further develop and compete with the world powers by constantly changing the position of one or zero

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