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How can CIO improve the success rate of new product development

Zhang Zheng is a "airborne CIO". He used to be the chief engineer of an outsourcing software company in Xiamen Torch High Tech Park for Japan. In 2006, he was poached by company a, a collaborative software company in Xiamen Software Park

that is, he is a "parachute CIO" with high salary, and he is rewarded by others. Zhang Zheng feels that he has a heavy responsibility on his shoulder and is under great pressure. According to the original employment agreement, one of Zhang Zhenglai's major tasks is to change the situation that the company's products are aging, the core technology competitiveness is not strong, and the market share is declining, and launch two to three fist products. Company a used to be an OA enterprise. Later, it gradually entered the field of collaboration with the trend, but it found that this road was not smooth

the CEO of company a strongly expressed that he would be the "logistics director" of the R & D department, provide the best material resources, establish a large R & D department with independent expenditure rights and higher status than general departments, and recruit and fully support

at that time, Zhang Zhengxin swore that with his 13 years of rich development technology and experience, it should be easy to bring out a strong product group

as expected, within 13 months, under the leadership of Zhang Zheng, his R & D team successively developed the improved versions of HR, CRM, collaborative finance and oa2008, and even completed the basic first version of the purchase, sales and inventory software of small ERP. By March 2008, company a gradually formed a comprehensive series of products that "take process management as the core and integrate paperless, remote management and application platform development", It has changed the situation that company a only sells OA software as a single product

the frequent emergence of new products has created a strong product group, which makes the CEO of the company happy, and Zhang Zheng is also full of ambition

however, shortly after the event, Zhang Zheng found that "having more children is not a blessing", and the new product fell into the embarrassing situation of "only flowering but not fruiting", which confused him

except that the improved version of oa2008 is more popular with new and old customers, other products are mostly follow-up products or even imitation products due to the short development time, which are not much different from other similar products, so it is difficult to form differentiated advantages and strong competitiveness

what puzzles Zhang Zheng more is how to raise so many products? This is what worries him most. Now "the aroma of wine should also be shouted." No matter how good a product is, it also needs a strong marketing boost to become famous and flow to the market

however, at this time, Zhang Zhengcai found that the boss was actually a "fuel-efficient lamp", a technical leader, not a market leader. He was willing to spend a lot on technology and R & D, but he was willing to spend a lot on market and advertising. In addition to having a large price difference profit, the company's series of product groups have not been fully supported, advertising has not been invested, and effective channel promotion has not been carried out. How to sell horses if they want to run but don't make them full? Make the company's marketing personnel complain

due to the lack of investment in the market, the series of products developed by Zhang Zheng were either "half cooked", few people asked for attention, or died halfway, and almost none of them were shipped because of "malnutrition", except for the improved version of oa2008

at a middle-level manager meeting of the company, the boss's words "we have invested more than 7 million yuan in the past year, but we have achieved little" deeply hurt Zhang Zheng's heart

After the meeting, Zhang Zheng gave his resignation and left. It was only about two years since he came to the company, which made him sigh

new products represent the subsequent vitality and profit source of enterprises, and are also the driver for the successful growth of software enterprises. They can give dealers, customers and consumers more confidence and infinite reverie. Especially since the 21st century, the competitive environment of the IT industry has undergone drastic changes, and the speed of change has surged with the increase of market segmentation, diversification and complexity, New product development plays a more important role in a competitive environment and becomes the most critical element of the company's strategic plan

therefore, at present, the vast majority of software enterprises have set up R & D departments with CIO (or chief engineer) as the core to actively promote R & D work and strive to promote the momentum of enterprise growth. However, there is no denying that there are still many problems in the product development of many software enterprises. Authoritative surveys show that about 70% of new product R & D projects exceed the estimated time schedule, more than 90% of R & D project development costs exceed the budget, more than 60% of new products either have nothing to do or end without illness, and only about 15% of new products can bring good benefits to enterprises

Why did new product development fail

having worked in the software industry for many years, I have heard and witnessed the fact that many software manufacturers spared no effort in new product development, but finally failed. People have to deeply reflect on the problem of "Why software product development failed". The information from various articles and forums on the Internet is also full of pessimism. Why are there so many failures

information distortion originally thought that such new products were in a period of rapid growth. They tried their best to develop them, but they did not fully demonstrate and investigate. The information was distorted. However, this new product had already become saturated and was close to the recession period. As a result, they died before leaving the school. The crux is to regard "a leaf as a forest", sit on the well and watch the sky, thinking that "a glimpse of the leopard can be seen", thinking that at this time, this place will flourish, and that place will also be fashionable at that time. As a result, it will make a fool of itself and bury disasters

a prerequisite for the success of a software product is whether it has comprehensive market research and demonstration, whether it can fully enter the industry market, whether it is feasible to make this product, and how much market demand there is. The failure of many products is that the project approval is too hasty, and it is doomed to fail at the beginning. Company a and Zhang Zheng rushed into research and development without much serious and sufficient demonstration

timing lags behind. New products are valued for "new", while "new" is valued for "fast" and "grab". The effective life cycle of a new IT product in this rapidly changing market is probably only a year and a half. Beyond this cycle, the unique new functions of the new product will be automatically "ineffective". However, some software manufacturers always think that their products are "unique" and "ancestral secret recipe", but "heroes in the world think alike", and newer and better competitive products are also released. As a result, they miss the best opportunity to go public. Therefore, in order to seize the opportunity of new products, it is necessary to "develop early, put into production early, market in the morning, and create efficiency early". This is the case with the HR and CRM software developed by Zhang Zheng. At this time, the HR and CRM market has long been a "Red Sea" of fierce competition, rather than new products

quality defects some people will think how new products will have defects. Is defect a common phenomenon? According to incomplete statistics, taking OA, CRM, ERP as an example, percent of new products, large and small, have performance defects in stability, expansion, compatibility, packaging, general use, etc., and 25 percent of new products fail to meet industry standards, enterprise standards and original design requirements. There are potential problems in design, implementation, interface, inspection and maintenance, and even serious technical and quality problems. The system cannot operate normally and often goes down, As a result, the enterprise and its products were besieged by complaints and returns from users. It is conceivable that this new product has no vitality

backward technology and progressiveness are the soul of new products. A new product that lacks progressiveness only puts a gorgeous coat on itself, or just like old wine in new bottles, is not attractive and competitive, and it is easy to be eliminated from the market. Nowadays, some so-called new software products are either processing brands taken from others, or imitation of foreign brands or competitors, or packaging, price renovation, face changing, hype new concepts, etc. new technologies and inventions cannot be achieved at all, and there is no real innovation at all. This so-called "new product" that deceives users is doomed to be a flash in the pan. Zhang Zhengneng has developed a series of products in just 13 months. It is undeniable that 3. The principle of beam displacement measurement is roughly the same as that of deformation measurement. It is recognized that he has rich experience, but on the other hand, he copies the software of other manufacturers, and then makes a few changes and renovations, but it is difficult to really have his own core technology. This situation is common in the IT industry

insufficient planning and management. CIO, project director and development manager do not pay enough attention to design. In order to catch up with the construction period, the design process of many projects is too simple, and the selection of product development technical route is relatively random. Some even do not have the meaning of the first "9", which means that there is a design process forever. Without a good development plan and development mode, the product lacks a good structural design, and the planning and management ability is insufficient, the success of the project is difficult to talk about

As a small and medium-sized software enterprise, Mr. Zhang Zhengzong believes that their enterprise has relatively few personnel engaged in R & D, so it is not necessary to introduce IPD mode (i.e. in TEG rated P produ c t d e-ve lopm en t, meaning integrated product development) for R & D management. In fact, IPD is not a set of rigid methods, but a combination of ideas, methods and tools. It puts forward better solutions to all kinds of disadvantages existing in the traditional R & D system, which is systematic but not rigid, complex but not flexible. As a CIO, whenever and wherever, we must use IPD mode to guide product research and development

weak marketing 4P theory, namely product, price, promotion and channel, has always been the core idea of today's marketing classics. However, many manufacturers here often lose one thing and lose another. They are out of line and out of balance. Either the price is unreasonable, the circulation channel is sluggish, or the marketing promotion activities are not effective, which can not form the effect of new products on the market. New products become "sandwiched rice", half cooked. It's hard to develop products, but it doesn't take the market seriously. With so many products developed by company a, it is necessary to have a plan and the ability to raise them. It is necessary to do a good job in the planning work before the products are put on the market and the marketing promotion after the investment. It is not allowed to emphasize product development over product marketing, simply and blindly launch new products, and even think that the more product development, the higher the market share, but the result is unable to raise "descendants", all of them are "malnourished", and even die prematurely. Any simple, blind and eager new product launch will lead to the failure of development

poor service after-sales service is the "heel" of market economy. When the "front legs" of your product are delivered to the store door of the user unit, your "back legs" must keep up in time, otherwise "things that lag behind" are inevitable. Teller, a famous American marketing discipline, said that when you are not confident in doing a good job in after-sales service, you should not expect your products to succeed one day. Many software enterprises' products are indeed good, but they lack the necessary after-sales service system, such as after-sales service institutions, operator training, supply of spare parts, direct sales supporting facilities, etc. it is difficult to guarantee the system upgrade and maintenance, and the products are certainly not far away

of course, there are also some objective factors, such as policy factors, environmental factors, social factors, resource factors and so on, which require software enterprises to size up the situation, scientifically and rigorously, carefully study the favorable and unfavorable factors, analyze the subjective and objective reasons, and strictly control the development process from the feasibility demonstration of new product projects, Strive to improve the success rate of new product development and market survival rate

cio how to improve the success rate of new product development

an indisputable fact is that even Microsoft, IBM and SAP

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