Thinking transformation of printing and packaging

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Thinking change of printing and packaging enterprises in the era of e-commerce

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while plastics rely on fossil energy

core tip: according to the statistics of the annual inspection of printing enterprises in 2014, the total output value of China's printing industry exceeded 1trillion yuan for the first time in 2013, and the overall scale ranked second in the world. Despite the strong development momentum of the industry, we must face the continuous decline in the volume of book printing business. Although commercial printing and packaging printing are known as sunrise industries, they are also suffering from the pain of transformation

[China Packaging News] according to the statistics of the annual verification of printing enterprises in 2014, the total output value of China's printing industry exceeded 1trillion yuan for the first time in 2013, and the overall scale ranked second in the world. Despite the strong development momentum of the industry, we must face the continuous decline in the volume of book printing business. Although commercial printing and packaging printing are known as sunrise industries, they are also suffering from the pain of transformation

when the traditional printing industry came to the entrance of the Internet era, did it choose to hesitate and stick to the tradition? Or follow the trend, accept the challenge, and use the Internet as a sharp tool to find the most suitable stage for yourself? Many printers have begun to answer the above questions with action

the change caused by Internet is an information revolution without boundaries. In the printing and packaging industry, e-commerce, like the invention of movable type printing by Bisheng in China and the invention of modern printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in Germany, starts the revolution of printing technology. But compared with the latter, the social and economic value of e-commerce is far more than that of that era, and it is completely people-oriented. Only when printing and packaging enterprises see this change clearly, adapt to this change, and integrate into this interconnected change, can they find the key to open the door of future development

open the micro innovation channel

now when you go out, you will find that many people carry thermos cups with thick or light tea, and add some hot water when visiting other people's houses. Sometimes when guests without cups come, the author will use tea cups to make tea for guests, but I always don't know how much tea in the big tea cans is appropriate, so I'm at a loss. In the office, people mostly choose to entertain guests with tea in small bags, unpack one small bag after another, drink it for several times, and change it. Although there is a slight difference in the weight, the tea brewed is not much different. This small tea bag fully shows the user's first thinking, which the author calls the most simple Internet thinking

the author went to the market to buy tea as a gift to a friend. After weighing the tea, the store quickly packed the tea, wrapped it with a vacuum machine, pasted a piece of transfer bronzing paper on the outer box, pressed it with his hand, tore off the film, and three beautiful running calligraphy gold characters Tieguanyin appeared on the packaging box. At this time, what customers need is a package that they like and their friends like. Although this small tea shop could not find a printing factory to print too many outer packages with its own logo, it left a deep impression on customers with simple methods. This is a standardized solution to the fragmented needs of interconnected thinking

when you go out to travel and take a fancy to a local specialty, it's easy to decide to buy it, and the shopkeeper will spend dozens of minutes packaging it, and even ask if you are willing to order some more convenient portable packaging. Such stores are common in various tourist areas in China. Although the price is not cheap at all, they are popular with consumers. Has the printing and packaging industry thought of their needs

in the fruit industry, most dealers are still using the previous channel sales model, but there are also some lively people who try to sell on. Chu orange, which is popular on the Internet, is a typical example. Fruit sales, both online and offline, need packaging. Printing and packaging enterprises need to solve a series of packaging problems such as fruit outer packaging, buffer layer, fresh-keeping layer, markers, etc., but how many such packages are needed every day? Fruit farmers do not know. If there is an app or networking platform in the printing and packaging ACR foaming processing aid 5.0~8.0 industry, the problem of fruit farmers can be solved immediately. At this time, there is no need for exquisite packaging. Fruit farmers only hope that the guests will not deteriorate when they receive the fruit, which is easy to transport and open. It not only solves the problem of excessive packaging, but also gains more time for fruit preservation and the connection between supply and demand. Aren't eggs, seafood, vegetables and other fresh foods the same

some small printing and packaging factories in medium-sized cities usually have small orders. If a customer suddenly puts forward a packaging demand with large orders, it is too late to prepare materials and the production process cannot adapt immediately, what should we do? At this time, an intelligent application covering from production line to material planning, from equipment maintenance to proofing technical guidance, from new process design to logistics distribution can greatly help enterprises solve the above problems. This application is similar to the app store on apple and plays the role of a platform, which will open a new channel for micro trauma in a large number of printing and packaging industries

a large number of packages fill the society, and some stations can also solve the recycling problem of these packages, which is an important part of environmental protection. The printing and packaging industry must participate in and innovate more methods

to be a pioneer, we must first make a self revolution

the printing and packaging industry in the huge change of e-commerce, for the core point of printing materials, there are already a large number of consumer like industrial Internet platforms around the world, and the station I am responsible for is also one of the practitioners. Such e-commerce stations lack customer stickiness and do not conform to the purchasing habits of industrial stations, but this is the only way, and more roads will be explored in the future

from the design point of view, many picture stations have become pawns that can be used for reference by the printing and packaging industry. They have a large number of social users and stickiness, and have created some tool based platforms around direct consumers and small Express Printing stores. Stations that fully display the interconnection characteristics have strong vitality. On these stations, customers have not only obtained a printed matter or packaging, but also a complete image or packaging solution, so that real consumers can pay more attention to the internal products rather than packaging

the pioneers in the printing and packaging industry are consciously carrying out a revolution against themselves. However, how to obtain real industry data is the key to the development of these stations. In the current computing society, all behaviors can be explained by numbers. As a consumer, food, clothing, housing, transportation, music, movies, reading, games, etc. are all on their fingers. Don't you know how the technology can be used by you? This requires close cooperation between consumer networking platforms and industrial platforms in the printing and packaging industry to achieve the extraction and use of big data. Industrial platforms of printing and packaging obtain customers' consumption habits from the big data of consumer platforms for material preparation and time preparation; Consumer networking platforms obtain packaging solutions that conform to Internet consumption habits from printing and packaging platforms and industrial platforms

at the same time, on the open platform, practitioners in the whole industry can participate in the scheme design and establish a benefit sharing mechanism. For example, we need to know whether consumers order 2 kg or 3 kg apples, 10 kg or 5 kg lychees, and how many sizes of cakes they order. The normal distribution of the size and thickness of the general calligraphy and painting frame. These small data have opened a major era

mining big data using big data

having said so much, I just want to explain a problem. The interconnection of the printing and packaging industry can be simply understood as a tool to serve the industry itself and consumer interconnection. It is a built-in process of the industry itself and consumer interconnection. It provides a convenient printing and packaging solution for employees in all walks of life, and reveals the consumption habits of a changing era behind it. Both individuals and enterprises need to face and do the work, that is, mining and analysis using a tool big data

today's consumer Internet platforms have cultivated a large number of people, and the popularization of mobile Internet technology no longer requires vertical industries to cultivate people themselves. More and more families and enterprises begin to regard Internet as an important tool for life and work. At the same time, the cloud service launched in recent years has solved the bottleneck of server management for small and medium-sized enterprises. The whole society's demand for more innovative platforms and mature business models has become a trend. For mobile Internet platform providers and the majority of small and medium-sized printing and packaging enterprises, challenges and opportunities coexist

as a platform providing services for consumer platforms, how can the printing industry use this tool to transform itself, adapt to the needs of consumer platforms and society, and make the printing industry valuable and dignified in serving the society. First of all, we should dare to innovate and revolution. If we don't revolution today, there will be alien species that will change our lives tomorrow. Don't cry wolf, because we have always ignored the real needs, and big data will become a sharp weapon of new species after being mined and used by others. Revolutionary formula to improve the consistency of test data is also the object of revolution. Many familiar brands and enterprises will disappear in this great revolution, and it is not surprising that oneortwo packaging enterprise platforms with a level of 10 billion yuan or 100 billion yuan will be born

■ micro point

Su Jun, executive deputy director and Secretary General of the e-commerce Committee of China Association for trade in services: e-commerce is not a supplement, but a core. We should focus on e-commerce to create future business models and competitive models

the rapid rise of printing e-commerce requires the establishment of online and offline services. The whole service is not an island, but should be integrated; We should establish a high standard service system, list every action from the customer to the transaction, formulate corresponding service specifications, and match the corresponding service standards

Chen Yan, President of the China Academy of Printing Science and technology: with the rise of o2o mode, printing enterprises gradually realize the importance of online platform orders, offline physical factory printing and service nearby, which also provides a challenging capital for printing enterprises to counter the long-term monopoly of IT enterprises in the printing e-commerce market

Li Jiang, CEO of commercial printing: for small and medium-sized printing enterprises, they should choose the formed business platform to expand business and reduce service costs through the platform; For enterprises with relatively good capital accumulation and customers, we should encourage them to give full play to their original advantages in capital, technology and talents and create new models

Yin Qingzhang, chairman of Taiwan bright digital technology Co., Ltd.: the marketing mode of printing e-commerce is different from traditional printing. If you want to prepare for printing e-commerce, you must first think about what you do in marketing. Instead of doing a good job in station and other businesses, it is better to think of marketing means in advance in combination with service objects

panxiaodong, Secretary General of Shanghai Digital Printing Industry Association: using the Internet to serve the operation of printing enterprises is the development direction of enterprises, but so far, it has little success in terms of good sealing performance in China. Most of them are in the low-level stage, that is, opening an order receiving window on the enterprise station, and then waiting for the rabbit. Although there are also transactions, it is far from being the place where orders have become the main source of enterprise business

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