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Corrugated box: how to achieve overall moderation

moderation of carton refers to the reasonable preparation and use of commodity packaging, and the excess is excessive. This is a problem that will arise when designing cartons. Originally, three layers of cartons are OK, but five layers of cartons are needed; It's OK to use 1 cubic meter, but it happens that 1.5 cubic meters of cartons are used, leaving too much space. Many times, these problems are caused by unreasonable user requirements. Therefore, from the perspective of carton factory, users should be persuaded to tailor their clothes. In fact, packaging only needs to meet the two requirements of products, namely, protecting goods and beautifying goods. The packaging that meets these two requirements is moderate packaging and qualified packaging

? To achieve appropriate packaging of goods, for corrugated box manufacturers, the factors to be considered should not be limited to the carton products themselves. In fact, from the perspective of the development status of the whole industry and different technologies, they will have more or less impact on appropriate packaging. The so-called appropriate packaging of commodities should include: the protective function of commodity packaging is appropriate; Suitable materials for commodity packaging; The volume and capacity of commodity packaging are appropriate: if the equipment has problems, the cost of commodity packaging is reasonable; The identification and description of commodity packaging are complete, etc. The following article analyzes from several aspects

? Advanced production equipment ensures the proper protection function of the produced commodity carton packaging. Compared with the international advanced level, our first thought should be the number of corrugated board automatic production lines. According to the statistics of the International Corrugated Box alliance, in 2005, the United States had a total of 600 production lines, with an annual output of 40billion square meters of corrugated board, while China produced 13billion square meters that year, but there were as many as 1200 corrugated board production lines. Each tile line in the United States produces 66.66 million square meters, and each production line in China can produce 10.83 million square meters. Moreover, our cartons are not all produced by tile lines, but a considerable part of them are produced by single-sided machines, which is estimated to account for one-third of the total

? In this way, each corrugated line in China can only produce 7.22 million square meters, only one ninth of the corrugated board production line in the United States. In addition, among these tile lines in China, there are old tile lines that have been produced for more than 20 years and are still in maintenance. According to international standards, the tile line should be eliminated after more than 15 years of service life. What is more noteworthy is that tile lines with a speed of less than 80 meters per minute and a width of 1.6 meters account for more than 50% of the production lines, but they are still running. This directly affects the quality of our corrugated board. At the same time, it can not give full play to the level of excellent equipment. Building advanced equipment can not give full play to its ability, and it is at a disadvantage in vicious competition

Therefore, we suggest that all equipment that has been used for 15-20 years should be eliminated to maintain the progressiveness of our tile line. In addition, about 1/3 of the corrugated board produced by a single machine is difficult to achieve its indicators, and it should also be eliminated and replaced by new advanced equipment. Objectively speaking, the current tile line in China has greatly exceeded the market demand, so we should timely eliminate backward equipment and use more advanced equipment to replace it, so as to give full play to the capacity of advanced equipment. So as to end the competition between backward equipment and advanced equipment as soon as possible

? Strive to reduce the cost of commodity carton packaging to promote appropriate packaging. From the micro perspective, each carton factory should save manpower and improve efficiency. Visiting the Israeli carton factory, I found that there is such a configuration, which is also the only configuration in the world that the author has seen so far - the factory has only one corrugated cardboard production line, one from Langston in the United States and one from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in Japan, which can meet the requirements of the country, with full work tasks and high production efficiency. Compared with corrugated box manufacturers in China, they are often inefficient due to configuration problems

From the macro perspective of the whole industry, advanced industrial countries in the world, such as the United States, adopt the form of centralized board making and decentralized box making, that is, a factory with corrugated board automatic production line centralizes the board making, and then each box making factory buys it back, and then disperses the box making, which not only ensures the quality of the box, but also improves the efficiency. Most carton factories in China make their own boards and boxes. The production efficiency of cartons is reduced and the cost is increased. Fortunately, in recent years, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other places have begun to adopt the method of centralized board making and decentralized box making, which has greatly reduced the manpower required on the production line and achieved good results

™ the design method and material selection of cartons are appropriate to ensure the appropriate packaging of goods.

™ first of all, let's talk about the corrugated shape. There are seven kinds of corrugated cardboard boxes: K, a, C, B, D, e and F. The most commonly used five layer corrugated in China is the combination of a and B, while the advanced countries in Europe and the United States use C and B more. The latter can save some raw materials. For example, Japan is in a high temperature and high humidity environment, and the highway grade standard is not as good as that in Europe and the United States, so type A is used instead of type C. The situation in China is similar to that in Japan. As an external packaging with high compressive strength for resistance to vertical pressure, type a corrugated boxes are generally used (type a corrugated boxes are mostly used for double-sided single corrugated boxes). The vertical compression strength of type B corrugated box is smaller than that of type A, but the plane compression strength is larger, which can resist the impact and vibration during transportation. It is suitable for the transportation packaging of metal canned products

? At the same time, the corrugated height of type B corrugated box is lower than that of type A and C, which is easy to bend and process, and is suitable for; Dongyu, frozen products packaging. In general, type A and type C are suitable for single corrugated boxes, type A and type B for double corrugated boxes, and the combination of type C and type B is the most ideal. Type B is used for those close to the surface because of its resistance; Strong hitting force; The inner layer is A-type or C-type, because it has sufficient elasticity and strong cushioning force

In combination with the above characteristics, when considering the appropriate packaging of goods, due to China's vast land and different climates, it is necessary to appropriately select the corrugated shape and combination according to the local and product transportation place

? Second, discuss the choice of raw materials. At present, the trend of raw material selection in industrial developed countries in the world is: low gram weight high-strength base paper when filling modified plastics with wood flour that has not been dried or has not been properly dried is selected for facial paper, and high gram weight corrugated core paper is selected for corrugated core paper. China is just the opposite. In foreign countries, this choice is to save the cost of raw materials on the premise of maintaining the technical indicators of corrugated board. Now some factories in China have begun to choose this way, but it still needs to be vigorously promoted in order to reduce the cost of cartons on the premise of maintaining the original performance of corrugated board

? Again, from the perspective of paperboard, except for the matt new aluminum project, the number of five layers of corrugated paperboard should be reduced and the number of three layers of corrugated paperboard should be increased. Foreign advanced industrial countries mainly have a large proportion of three-layer corrugated paperboard, while the proportion of five-layer corrugated paperboard is regularly liquidated  and pure wood pulp paper is mainly used abroad. Due to the lack of wood, China has to choose wood pulp and some straw pulp to make it, which makes the strength of domestically made paper not high. Due to the insufficient paper tension, the paper will break when the machine runs at high speed, As a result, the corrugated board automatic production line can not run at the ideal speed, and the automatic production line can only operate at a low speed, so the equipment function can not be played well, and the carton quality is not ideal, which indirectly affects the appropriate packaging of cartons. It is suggested to change the previous practice, using good paper to replace some straw pulp paper, and using three layers of corrugated board to replace five layers of corrugated board, which can not only reduce transportation costs, but also reduce unnecessary troubles in the process of carton recycling, and ensure the moderation of cartons

? Finally, different corrugated designs will also have an impact on the appropriate packaging of cartons

? The so-called corrugated shape refers to the corrugated shape of the corrugated tooth profile. The main difference lies in the radius of the corrugated crest and trough arc. There are three kinds of corrugated shapes: U-shaped, V-shaped, UV shaped, U-shaped peak and valley arc with larger cattle diameter, V-shaped is smaller, and UV shaped is in the middle state. Different ridge shapes have different performance characteristics

? Combining the advantages and disadvantages of the three corrugated shapes of u, V and UV, the advantages and disadvantages of U shape and V shape are obvious. Although the advantages of UV shape are not the most ideal, the disadvantages are not too prominent, and the comprehensive performance can meet the general requirements of most corrugated packaging. Therefore, UV corrugated is widely used all over the world. Of course, for some packages that need special emphasis on cushioning performance and shock absorption, or for some corrugated packaging containers that require particularly high hardness and stiffness, U-shaped or V-shaped corrugated containers with some special effects in these aspects should be selected to meet the special packaging requirements of specific contents

To sum up, according to the packaging requirements of different contents, choosing different corrugated box shape design is bound to better meet the requirements of appropriate packaging of corrugated boxes

? Because corrugated box packaging itself has multiple advantages, such as plastic modeling structure, convenient packaging and use, rigid and flexible protection of contents, beautifying goods, adapting to circulation, if it can be moderate, its popularity in the market can be imagined

source: Hubei project

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