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How can door and window enterprises get out of the dilemma of reshuffle

with the development of the times, powerful door and window enterprises are also gradually developing, but there are always some problems accumulated in the development process. Door and window enterprises want to get stable development, no funds, no talent and other troubles. Door and window enterprises should be light, do a good job in cost control and management, so that enterprises can have more competitive advantages in the active market

strengthen team cooperation and reasonably allocate resources

whether it is a service order or a production order, there is a process of order realization, and the production and operation system cannot be separated from the collaborative operation of various departments of the company. No matter how strong the production capacity of the enterprise is, if there is no order received by the marketing department, what will it take to produce? On the contrary, no matter how strong the ability of the marketing department to receive orders is, without the cooperation of the production department, what is the use of receiving orders? Door and window enterprises need to bundle orders with R & D departments, improve the awareness of R & D departments to focus on reality and market, and enhance the unity and coordination of various systems. Only by strengthening teamwork can we realize the optimal allocation of resources

it is necessary to break through the encirclement within the enterprise, make full use of resources, and achieve more economy and efficiency. This should be carried out around two goals: first, eliminate the work that does not add value, and eliminate the activities that cannot add value and the waste of efficiency due to the low efficiency of resource utilization; The second is to quickly respond to the market, transform the existing equipment and adopt advanced technology for production according to the actual needs, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of funds and technology while improving production

introduction of lean production mode and refined management

(4) according to the shape and size of the sample, insiders said that in recent years, due to the comprehensive influence of the rising price of raw materials, the change of relevant exchange rates and the rise of domestic labor costs, the operating costs of door and window enterprises have a significant upward trend, which restricts the normal movement of the enterprise's production department. Jinan new era trial wants to tell you something. Therefore, door and window enterprises can introduce lean production mode

the core of lean production is to eliminate all ineffective labor and waste, set the goal on perfection, and ensure the advantages of enterprises in market competition by continuously reducing costs, improving quality, enhancing production flexibility, and realizing zero waste and zero inventory. At the same time, lean production is decentralized to all levels of the organizational structure, and the team work method is adopted to fully mobilize the enthusiasm and intelligence of all employees, and eliminate defects and waste in every post in time

in the face of market changes in the new era, the door and window manufacturing industry should implement reforms to achieve internal breakthrough. Fine management emphasizes a system. Every employee in every position should do his or her own thing well without any excuse, even if it is a reasonable excuse, and try every means to complete the task. At the same time, the company must pay attention to the details of strategy formulation and formulate the strategy well; Product development and design, do every detail of product development well; Operators should do well in every operation step. Detail management should be implemented to any behavior of anyone

do a good job in cost control and quantify the digital standard

the purpose of door and window enterprises in production and operation is to make profits and maximize profits. For most enterprises now, the application of single chip microcomputer with small profits not only reduces the equipment cost to a great extent, but also realizes rapid expansion. It is difficult to survive without low-cost operation. It can be said that cost determines survival. The purpose of cost control is to continuously reduce costs and obtain greater profits. When setting the target cost, we should first consider the profit target of the enterprise and the competitive sales price

cost control should reduce projects and tasks with unclear objectives. When the enterprise's objectives are clear, each project and task serves the realization of the objectives; It is necessary to clarify the cost tasks of the departments with outstanding market supply and demand contradictions, first measure and calculate the maximum amount of various expenses, and then horizontally decompose and implement them to each department, vertically decompose them to groups and individuals, and link them with rewards and punishments

in short, in the process of development, door and window enterprises want to achieve stable development, they should first do cost control, so that the enterprise's capital will not fall off the chain; Secondly, after doing a good job in cost control, we should carry out fine management. There is no way to talk about cost control without standard quantification through figures

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