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How to make friends with the "report card" of information technology in China, CIO, as a new profession, is still a little immature. It belongs to a group of people who wander on the edge of management and technology. The sense of achievement and happiness of income, prestige and work are far inferior to CEO and CFO, and it is often a thankless role. As a new CIO who parachutes to the enterprise, how to hand in the first "report card" is very important. From a small point of view, it is an opportunity for you to carry out your work smoothly in the future; Generally speaking, it is an important step for enterprises to successfully complete the transformation from small to large

how to make a good "report card" of informatization mainly includes the following points:

first, do things in a down-to-earth manner and speak with facts, so as to obtain the trust and support of leaders

the construction of enterprise informatization depends on the boss' attitude and consciousness. Because unlike other departments, the value of IT departments can be clearly quantified, and it performance management is completely reasonable, which is still relatively difficult at present. Therefore, in this case, the boss's support is very important

enterprise informatization is a very long process, which cannot be simply regarded as a phased result. In the process of informatization implementation, as the CIO of an enterprise, the key is to do their own work in a down-to-earth manner. It's no use talking without doing. Leaders can't see achievements. For example, the sales of Shuanghui increased by 30% in 2002, but the cost decreased by 220million compared with 2001. In 2003, it exceeded 10billion yuan to 12billion yuan, in 2004, it exceeded 16billion yuan, and in 2005, it exceeded 20billion yuan. This is a very shocking change, and the result proves that informatization has played an indispensable role. Originally, the computer room of Shuanghui group was relatively simple, and only the database was two IBM servers. At that time, I proposed to rebuild the computer room. In the past, chairman Bandung would not hesitate to spend oneortwo billion to build a factory, but he would not understand if you asked him to spend oneortwo million to build a computer room. After 2003, he said, Mr. Liu, check whether the computer room should be improved again? This is because he realized the role of informatization. Leaders will naturally pay attention to you when they change from not giving money to giving money, which means that you have done your work steadily and brought practical benefits to the enterprise. At the same time, informatization is a tool to solidify enterprise standards. Once the relevant business processes are solidified through informatization, the future development of enterprises can be copied continuously, which also saves time and cost for enterprises

second, it is important to choose software suitable for enterprise development.

If tools are the extension of human hands, then computers are the extension of human brains. Informatization is actually like a gun. It is also an important tool to help enterprise management, but the person who uses the gun is also very important. Enterprise management is a process of simplifying complex problems, standardizing simple problems, and solidifying standardized problems with informatization

when choosing software, we should pay attention to the following points: first of all, considering the software architecture, we should choose c/s or b/s as the enterprise information management according to the enterprise situation. There are special institutions to follow up in time from incubation, small-scale test, pilot test and mass production. If it is a group enterprise with chain cross regional operation, of course, b/s software should be selected. The real b/s software is completely based on the interconnection operation, the application system of stores and distribution centers is zero, and the technical reserve of China's non-ferrous metal utilization industry is lack of installation. It supports the rapid opening of a large number of stores in different places, and realizes the centralized sharing of all kinds of store data in the headquarters in real time, such as polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), polyimide (PI), polysulfone (PSF), polyether ketone (PEK), liquid crystal polymer (LCP), etc., so as to truly realize the centralized and unified management of cross regional decentralized operations. In this way, the Information Center personnel do not need to run around the store to maintain the system, but only need to maintain the system of the headquarters. Secondly, from the perspective of software cost control, because informatization is not like products that can be seen and touched, nor can it be seen in kind in a month or two, but it needs the support of leaders. In terms of investment, we should calculate an account for the leaders. If the whole system only needs a computer room, a set of servers, a database, a set of application software and an IT team to manage, although the price of software products may be higher than that of other countries at that time, this set of software ensures that the subsequent hardware expenditure is reduced, and the human capital used to manage and maintain the system will not be very high. Of course, the enterprise cost will be greatly reduced. In addition, choosing software is not based on relationships and kickbacks, but on the principle of fairness and justice to choose software suitable for enterprise development

third, without integrated operation, enterprise informatization will suffer.

to achieve the best efficiency of enterprise informatization, the most important thing is integrated operation. We should not only integrate demand and supply chain at the application level, but also integrate technology and system architecture. The practice of some leading enterprises such as Wal Mart and Dell has shown that the successful management of demand and supply requirements is particularly important for enterprises to realize this and to reduce the commutation error. This requires CIO to think globally and have the ability of collaborative integration at the application and technical levels at the same time

the development of business computing technology is a spiral process. At present and in the future, open real-time and centralized computing architecture based on Internet and service-oriented business computing architecture are the mainstream of enterprise it. It can span or break through the traditional ERP system and establish end-to-end supply chain collaboration between enterprises and their customers and suppliers. Integrated supply chain puts forward higher requirements for the integration and re integration ability of information systems. Without integrated systems, enterprises cannot make better decisions, reduce the overall operating costs, and further utilize resources and information. (end)

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