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Design of record packaging

as a cultural commodity, music records are human spiritual consumer goods, which have rich cultural connotation and artistic value. The album cover is a packaging form that introduces the specific content of the album. It is a beautiful small advertisement that gives people a unique enjoyment of beauty. It plays an important role in promoting the sale of the album

album cover design is for album sales. It is an information transmission technology. It is designed for a very clear target market and target consumers. It has great constraints and standardization. It is a purposeful aesthetic creation activity. The validity of its indication error verification once is 1 year. Its first and direct goal is to make the introduced album acceptable to consumers

album cover design is an independent category in modern visual communication design. Like book binding design, it expresses specific content through the combination of graphics and words. Unlike book binding design, it also expresses feelings, artistic conception and musical sense consistent with the theme

although the album cover design is a sketch in modern art design, it is taken seriously as a specialized art in many countries because its object of expression has distinct culture and rich artistic connotation. It has a wide range of theme choices, diverse forms of expression, great freedom of artistic imagination, and a broad world of subjective creation, which is deeply loved by artists and designers, Become an art form for them to express their personal feelings

a successful album cover design should first grasp the spiritual connotation of the original work or the singer's singing style, use appropriate visual language, accurately express it, have effective information transmission function, express specific music themes or singing styles, express and create music beauty, give full play to the imagination and creativity of art designers, and create specific pictures with strong expression, Instead of simply whitewashing music with images

there are mainly two kinds of design positioning of foreign album covers: one is to express the image of music creator, singer or conductor, which generally takes the image of famous composer, singer or conductor as the appeal image, and the popularity of authority as the call to win people's trust and induce people to buy; The other is based on the different keynote of the music or song, that is, it does not directly express the creator, singer or conductor of the music, but the differentiation of the keynote of the music, and expresses the mood with obvious emotional tendency through the specific visual image of the picture, either high and majestic, or dreamy and gentle, or pathetic and low, or elegant and luxurious

the artistic expression methods of foreign modern album cover design have been very rich and diverse, which have played a good role in beautifying products or conveying information, adding a lot of charm to the album. Now take the following examples of the common artistic expression methods of album cover design abroad:

first, image display

this is the most common expression method, which mainly refers to the direct display of the specific image of the composer, singer, performer or conductor in the cover design, so that consumers can know the specific content and value of the album at a glance, which is usually used in the works of well-known musicians, Through its reputation and influence, it can induce consumers' attention and interest, and promote the named purchase. This method of expression usually adopts photography to truly show the touching and artistic personality image of the composer, singer, performer or conductor, and place the image in an infectious space, giving people a realistic sense of reality, so that consumers have a sense of intimacy and trust

II. Symbolic metaphor

tri Mack tested the strength of the mixed cladding molding sample, the full laminate sample (establishing the baseline) and the laminate sample bonded with the industrial standard thermosetting film adhesive.

symbol is to show a similar concept, thought or emotion through a specific specific image, enticing the audience to mobilize their imagination to understand the image in the work, To think and understand the philosophy and feelings

metaphor is to choose two things that are different in essence, but have some similarities in some aspects, "this thing is compared to the other thing", use the topic to play, extend and transform, and obtain the artistic effect of "tactful and melodious"

third, exaggerated deformation

with the help of imagination, a certain aspect of the image characteristics in the cover design is moderately exaggerated deformation, so that it can more clearly emphasize or reveal the essence of things, and improve the artistic effect of the cover

exaggeration is seeking novelty and change in general, exaggerating and deforming the characteristics and personality of the object through fiction, so as to create a novelty and change effect

according to its surface characteristics, exaggeration can be divided into two types: morphological exaggeration and expression exaggeration. The former is representational processing, and the latter is implicit modality processing. Through the use of exaggeration, it injects a strong emotional color into the artistic beauty of the cover, making it distinctive, prominent and moving

IV. magic and enchantment

use abnormal exaggeration to weave mythical and fairy tale pictures with infinite imagination, reproduce reality in a magical scene, and create a certain distance from real life. This kind of expression technique full of rich romanticism, freehand brushwork rather than realism, with the sudden magical visual experience, gives people a special aesthetic feeling, which is very infectious, It meets the requirements of people's strange and changeable aesthetic interests

v. supporting objects with emotion

the most direct effect of artistic appeal is the emotional factor. Aesthetics is the process of constantly communicating feelings and resonating with beautiful objects while the main household appliances improve the quality level. In terms of means of expression, we should focus on selecting content with emotional tendency, foil the theme with a beautiful emotional industry, and truly and vividly reflect this aesthetic emotion, so that we can move with emotion and give play to the power of art to infect people

VI. continuous series

this is a "family" design, which is the unification of design elements such as picture composition, color and font, resulting in distinct uniqueness and unity, so as to achieve the purpose of enhancing consumers' recognition of the company's image. The serialized design has the same design elements, or the same shape, or the same style, or the same color, or the same composition and tone to change. The form of expression is the same, and the content can be changed, just like a family with similar but different faces. Serialization is conducive to shaping the corporate image, enhancing market competitiveness, making people easy to recognize and remember, and has a good recognition and memory effect

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