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Nine out of ten reports on the paper industry are related to the rise. Whatever the cause, the soaring price of paper products has become a fact. At present, the prices of ordinary offset paper products, writing paper products, coated paper products, etc. range from 6000 yuan to 7500 yuan per ton. Since 2009, the price of paper products has increased by nearly 30%

at present, there is a new trend in the price of paper products. Some European paper manufacturers announced that they would raise the price of all special paper products from June 1, with a specific increase of 7%. Some European paper manufacturers also announced that from July 1, the cleaning method is to remove the glass of the dial and raise the price of folding paper product boxes, with a specific increase of 7% to 9%

the continuously rising price of paper products has not only brought about the rise of costs in the printing industry, but also brought various aftershocks: Vietnam's Ministry of education and training recently said that the price of textbooks used from primary school to high school will be increased from 2011 to 2012, with an average increase of 16.9% compared with 2008; International paper pulp prices rose, and paper products stocks were also unprecedentedly active; The soaring price of paper products has also made Chinese businessmen start to pay close attention to the paper products industry market, and the price of domestic cultural paper products has risen. Rice paper products have become a new collection. The price of rice paper products in Jing County, Anhui Province has doubled at least three times in just three years; During the period of soaring prices of paper products, the development of E-book Industry has become a new focus

it is foreseeable that the shock caused by the rise in the price of paper products will continue

second, the elimination of backward production capacity

recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology has reached the task goal of eliminating backward production capacity in 2011 according to different extrusion processes (it may be necessary to remove the die to reduce the risk of too high pressure at the front end of the extruder). Among them, the goal of eliminating backward production capacity in the paper products industry is 7.445 million tons, accounting for approximately 7% - 8% of the existing production capacity, exceeding market expectations. In terms of regions, Hebei, Henan, Shandong, Shanxi and other provinces have a heavy task of eliminating backward production capacity. The main elimination of backward production capacity is still concentrated in low-end cultural paper products with straw pulp as raw materials, low-end packaging paper products and low-end household paper products with small scale

after the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the target, 16 provinces (cities) successively announced the number of backward production capacity and specific enterprises eliminated last week in the paper products industry in 2011, and the number of eliminated enterprises has reached 6.84 million tons. The industry estimates that the substantial impact of capacity elimination on the paper products industry may gradually appear in the middle and late third quarter

the third is the Sino EU trade duel

3) argument 1: flat push jaws

on May 14, the European Union made a final ruling on the double countervailing case of China's coated paper products, imposing anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on the coated paper products imported from China at the same time, which not only created a precedent for the EU's Countervailing against China, but also the first double countervailing case against China in the history of the EU. On May 16, the Ministry of Commerce of China subsidized potato starch factories in France, the Netherlands, Germany and other countries for products exported to China, and decided to launch a countervailing investigation on potato starch imported from the European Union. Thus, the Sino EU trade duel kicked off

the EU's judicial adjudication system is case law. Once Pandora's box is opened, their future trade decisions against China may take this as a lesson. Zhao Wei, Secretary General of the China paper products industry association, is deeply worried about the seriousness of the EU's double negative impact

China and the EU need to work hard to return to a win-win situation in the trade war, which has been hurt since the win-win cooperation

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