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Frequency conversion and energy saving analysis of injection molding machine (Part 2)

eds2860 series injection molding machine integrated special machine

Yi Neng company has completely independently developed the eds2800 series injection molding machine energy-saving control special frequency converter and eds2860 injection molding machine energy-saving integrated cabinet. The eds2860 product has the following characteristics

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1 High power saving rate

(1) advanced digital microcomputer control (DSP) is adopted to make the common injection molding machine quantitative pump and energy-saving cabinet form an efficient energy-saving variable displacement pump

(2) the hydraulic system of the injection molding machine matches the power required for the operation of the whole machine, without high-pressure overflow energy loss, and the power saving rate is as high as 25% ~ 65%

2. High reliability

(1) strong overload capacity: 150% rated current for 3 minutes, 200% rated current for 5 seconds

(1) keep the original control mode and oil circuit of the injection molding machine unchanged to ensure that during the injection molding process, under the impact of high pressure and heavy load such as plastic injection and mold locking, it will not jump off and affect the production process, so as to ensure the product quality

(3) dual circuit safety design of mains/energy-saving operation, with automatic reset and power-off reset functions, to ensure production continuity and production efficiency

3. Soft start

(1) reduce the vibration of unlocking die, prolong the service life of equipment and die, reduce noise and improve the working environment

(2) the heating of the system is significantly reduced, the oil temperature is stable, and the cooling water consumption of the injection molding machine can be saved by more than 30%

(3) prolong the service life of the sealing components, reduce the opportunity of shutdown and maintenance, and save a lot of maintenance costs. So we can use less plastic bags to protect the environment? Recently

4 Easy operation

(1) dual channel input, which can receive pulse signals of 0 ~ 1a, 0 ~ 10V and below 200Hz

(2) simple installation and super protection, synchronous operation with the injection molding machine without any adjustment

(3) small size, convenient installation, humanized structure design, compact structure and beautiful appearance

(4) fully enclosed independent air duct design, with strong dust, gas, corrosion and environmental adaptability

5. High rate of return

all investments can be recovered through electricity saving in about 6 ~ 15 months

power saving effect and return on investment

according to various factors in injection molding production (such as plastic product size, process conditions, configuration of injection molding machine and production status), the surplus energy-saving space of injection molding machine with labor cost of 233 yuan/ton is also different. Generally speaking, after adopting eds2860 economizer, the overall power saving rate of the injection molding machine is 25%-50%, and the total power saving investment can be recovered in months

eds2860 economizer usually has a normal life of years, that is, during this period, the annual return on investment reaches 20%, which is extremely rich. See the table on page 126 for details

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information source: plastic business information 2005, 11

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