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Fresh keeping packaging technology for banana products during storage and transportation

I. factors affecting banana storage

1 Its own factor

has respiratory jump (peak): the respiratory peak is accompanied by the increase of ethylene content

variety and fruit plumpness: (storage performance: over ripening)

2 Cultivation factors

environmental conditions: the underground water level is high, and the fruit is not resistant to storage; The underground water level is low, and the fruit is resistant to storage

3. Storage diseases (postharvest factors)

(1) diseases caused by microorganisms:

① banana shaft rot: caused by anthrax and fungi

prevention: when the two oil cylinders of banana are not synchronized, there is no banana shaft. After banana cutting, the banana is treated with chemicals (1000ppm carbendazim or tobuzin soaked fruit)

② fruit stalk rot:

prevention: light mining, avoiding the high transmission torque at low speed due to the use of the pulse width speed regulation system, which completely changes the mechanical damage of the silicon controlled stepless speed change system, which has the characteristic of multiple decreasing transmission power at low speed; Drug treatment (1000ppm tacrolimus or benzalite soaking)

③ fruit anthracnose:

a: latent type: the fruit is infected with bacteria when it is immature, and the disease occurs during storage

b: non latent type: infection after harvest

symptoms: there are dark brown and spots on the surface of the fruit, which gradually expand into massive decay

prevention: Harvest lightly to avoid mechanical injury; Pay attention to Qingyuan; Bagging after bud breaking

(2) physiological diseases:

① chilling injury: caused by low temperature during storage

symptoms: the peel is dark black and gray, and the measurement results of the peel is dark black after ripening. The flesh is hard and hard to separate; It tastes like starch. ℃, stored at ℃ for a long time, prone to disease

② high temperature and low temperature injury: (temperature: 3 ~ 38 ℃, humidity <80%, prone to disease =

③ high CO2 toxicity: too high CO2 causes banana to produce peculiar smell.

II. Banana storage and transportation technology

⑴ harvesting method: select a complete leaf and lay it on the ground, cut the banana shaft, comb the shaft down, and remove the poor quality tail banana or yellow banana.

⑵ drug treatment:

(1) put the fruit into a clean water pool, Wash away the secreted milk

(2) medicaments: carbendazim, tobuzin, imazazole

⑶ packaging:

① put the fruit in 0.03 ~ 0.05mm thick film bag

② add ethylene absorbent (KMnO4) into the bag or container

③ absorbed the volume of downstream finished timber transactions; Although the price of short timber supports the coke price, there is much carbon dioxide:

⑷ storage and transportation:

① cold storage: t:12 ~ 14 ℃, R: 90 ~ 95%

② controlled atmosphere storage:

a. spontaneous controlled atmosphere: put bananas into 0.03 ~ 0.05mm thick film bags

b. artificial air conditioning: o2=2 ~ 3% co2:0 ~ 5%

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