Fresh keeping method of the hottest garlic stalk i

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Storage conditions: the storage temperature of garlic stalks is 0 ± 0.5 ℃, the relative humidity is 85% ~ 95%, the oxygen concentration is high, but it is obviously not the best way to solve the pollution problem by limiting the use. The degree of storage is 2% ~ 5%, and the concentration of carbon dioxide is 0% ~ 8%

II. Preparation before harvesting and storage

1. Harvesting

garlic stalks is generally harvested in May, and seedling raising should be avoided at noon.

2. Preparation before storage

garlic stalks should be disinfected before warehousing. The cold storage shall be pre cooled to o ℃ before the garlic bolt is put into storage. The garlic stalks shall be immediately stacked in the pre cooling room, cold storage or a cool and ventilated place after being harvested. After the garlic stalks are cooled to o ℃, they shall be processed before storage. Shuangma Plastics Co., Ltd., located in the plastic products zone, will only handle this when required. The processing shall be carried out in the cold storage or in the hall. Pick out the sick and damaged moss strips, align the moss bracts of the healthy moss strips, and tie them with plastic ropes at the moss stems 3 ~ 5cm away from the moss bracts. Each bundle is about 0.5 ~ 1 O kg

III. storage methods and management

1. Natural oxygen reduction and cold storage in plastic film bags

when the coating temperature is o ℃, stack the tips of garlic sprouts outward in the plastic bag, tie the bag mouth tightly, and place them on the rack or in the packaging container. When the oxygen in the bag decreases to 1% ~ 2% and the carbon dioxide is about 12%, open the bag for ventilation, so that the oxygen in the bag increases to more than 18% and the carbon dioxide decreases to about 1% ~ 2%, and then reseal the bag. For garlic stalks stored in small and medium packages in o ℃ cold storage, the ventilation period was about 10 ~ 15 days, and gradually shortened to 7 ~ 10 days in the middle and late storage

2. Modified atmosphere cold storage with plastic film silicon window bag

put garlic stalks with moss temperature of O ℃ outward in plastic film bag with embedded area of 9 × In the silicon window bag of 13cm silicon rubber window, placed in the vegetable rack or packaging container

3. Plastic film tent controlled atmosphere refrigeration

put the processed and pre cooled garlic stalks into plastic boxes, code them into stacks of certain length, width and height in fiscal 2017, make rectangular curtains with 0.23mm thick film, cover them outside the stacks, and put 3 empty boxes on the top of each stack or make the top of the account into a ridge line during account deduction. After the plastic curtain is buckled, roll up its edge together with the plastic film paved on the ground, and press it with bricks or other articles to create a sealed environment. After the account is sealed, the molecular sieve nitrogen generator can be used to adjust the gas composition

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