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Frequency setting of frequency converter

1. preface

according to the process requirements, most of the AC auxiliary drives of the small bar mill start from the first feeding roller table of the heating furnace to the weighing roller table of the finishing area. All roller decks controlled by frequency converter are grouped and driven by a single frequency converter. Pinch roll, collecting basket and conveyor chain are driven by a separate frequency converter

the frequency converter is the multiconverter and micover provided by AEG company. Multiconverter is a medium-sized power frequency converter with a range of 22~275kv A. The micover is a low-power frequency converter with a range of 1 Enter the 4~ltiverter of Tongling Copper based new material industrial base. Its frequency setting can be input through switching value, analog input, field bus or local area, and input through network. However, the frequency setting of the micover can only be realized through switching value input and analog value input, without communication capability

2.various frequency setting methods of multiverte

2.1 fixed frequency setting

multiverte can set four levels of frequency from fixed frequency 1 to 4, and the values of these four frequencies are set through panel input. The four frequencies are selected through binary coding composed of two switching value input points din1 and din2

table 1multiverte binary code fixed frequency chart

din1din2 speed

00 can simultaneously reduce fuel consumption and 2 carbon oxide emissions fixed frequency 1

10 fixed frequency 2

01 fixed frequency 3

11 fixed frequency 4

generally, when there is no analog output equipment or network equipment, it is convenient and simple to select the switching value input setting frequency with few fault points. And there are four levels of speed, which can generally meet the speed regulation. Therefore, as long as the speed adjustment is not a follow-up adjustment or stepless adjustment, selecting a fixed frequency output is a good frequency setting method

2.2 analog input

analog input setting method is a method with high control accuracy. Its a/d is converted to 20-29 analog inputs for selection




4.– 10v---+10v

Figure 1 analog input

as shown in Figure 1, when jumpers 2 and 3 are connected, the input signal is voltage signal; when jumpers 1 and 2 are connected, the input signal is current signal. When the first three inputs are selected, the motor can only be rotated forward or backward by enabling "left turn" or "right turn" through terminal input. When -10v - +10v is selected, the "right turn" is enabled through the terminal. When the voltage is positive, the motor magnetic field is positive. When the voltage is negative, the motor magnetic field is reversed. When the "left turn" is enabled through the terminal, the above direction will be reversed

multiveter has two analog input terminals, one main terminal and one additional terminal. The supply-demand relationship of the additional terminal industry has fundamentally changed, and the above analog quantities can also be input. In addition, the superposition of the main terminal input and the additional terminal input can be set as the frequency setting. The additional terminal analog input can also control the frequency converter independently, which makes its control methods diverse

2.3 communication input

multiveter can be connected to field bus or local area to exchange information through network, mainly including BITBUS, PROFIBUS, modbusplus, modnet1/d and other corresponding different network and bus forms, which must be equipped with a special interface card. Its data transmission features are:

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