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Brief introduction to fresh-keeping packaging technology of fresh flowers

after its own fresh cut flower products, the packaging of cut flowers has not attracted enough attention for a long time, so the research on fresh-keeping packaging of fresh cut flowers has made great progress in recent decades. In this research field, the progress, level and achievements of foreign countries are ahead of those of China. The main conclusions can be drawn from the analysis of the following aspects

1. In terms of packaging form

corrugated boxes are an important category of packaging containers. In a broad sense, as a result of the desire of engineers of polar racing to explore "how to use the technology behind the success of racing to improve the performance of Volvo cars on the road (i.e. all road conditions in ordinary life)", corrugated boxes have basically matured in packaging form, It has become the main form of packaging for many goods and has achieved successful experience. However, in the aspect of fresh cut flowers for fresh-keeping packaging, due to the characteristics of cut flowers, there are still many requirements for corrugated boxes. Therefore, in the current research on fresh-keeping packaging of cut flowers, it is inevitable to put forward the research on corrugated boxes. The main contents of the basic letter are:

(1) three dimensional form of appearance: Book shape and barrel shape

the basic type is box type, and the barrel type is mainly used to pack flowers that can only be packed vertically, such as cut flowers such as goldfish grass, man Tian Xing, gladiolus, etc

(2) corrugated box type: ordinary type and functional type

ordinary full paper corrugated paper type has been gradually replaced by functional and composite paper type

2. Packaging materials

fresh cut flower preservation packaging has high research value in packaging materials. Due to the conditions and requirements of cut flowers on packaging, the improvement and research of packaging materials is a common focus. At present, the research on materials has made a lot of progress, which can be summarized as follows

(1) fresh-keeping corrugated box

at present, there are four types of fresh-keeping corrugated box materials developed abroad:

① PE sandwich type: it clamps PE fresh-keeping film between the inner and outer cores of corrugated board

② laminated type: it is to press the fresh-keeping substance (agent) and aluminized film onto the inner and outer core paper of the cardboard

③ combined type: it is a combination of 4. Easy-to-use plastic film and corrugated cardboard

④ mixed type: it is obtained by adding the powder absorbing ethylene gas into the pulp during the papermaking process and forming corrugated paper

(2) the lighting receiving function of the packaging box can be divided into the following five basic types

① the main mechanism of closing the plastic layer corrugated box

is: the plastic film is sandwiched in the corrugated base paper, and the low oxygen, high humidity and high carbon dioxide CA climate with the climbing concentration of the output of the glass fiber/pu rear axle plate spring used in the new XC90 crossover suv of Volvo (gothenberg, Sweden) are ensured by the gas resistance of the plastic film layer and the respiration of the cut flowers. The result is that the respiration of fresh cut flowers is inhibited, the evaporation of water is prevented, and the fresh-keeping effect is obtained. It can also apply the moisture adsorbent of ethylene to the inner layer of the film, and has the function of air regulation

② biological fresh-keeping carton

the main mechanism is that corrugated paper is made by coating a layer of antibacterial agent, preservative, ethylene adsorbent, moisture adsorbent, etc. on the corrugated paper, which has good anti microbial, anti-corrosion and fresh-keeping functions

③ the main mechanism of the mixed fresh-keeping corrugated box

is that when making the inner core paper or polyethylene film of corrugated board, mineral particles containing silicic acid, ceramic particles or polystyrene, polyvinyl alcohol and other micro pieces are mixed into it, and the obtained mixed polyethylene film is then bonded to the inner surface of corrugated paper to obtain three types of packaging materials. The packaging box made of the mixed polyethylene film has a good fresh-keeping effect

④ far infrared fresh-keeping carton

this material is made by coating ceramic powder that can emit far infrared wavelength (6 ~ 14 m) on natural thick paper and then compounding with required materials. It can emit far-infrared rays at room temperature, or activate the anti molecules in fresh cut flowers to improve the role of resistance to microorganisms; Or activate enzymes to maintain the brightness of cut flowers

⑤ foam board composite corrugated box

it is divided into two types: one is made of corrugated paper and PSP special foam board, which is called fresh-keeping corrugated paper s; The other is made of corrugated paper and polyethylene foam board, which is called fresh-keeping corrugated paper L. They have the effect of heat and cold insulation and controlled atmosphere, and also have good fresh-keeping effect

at present, the developed composite honeycomb packaging carton has a trend to replace corrugated cartons with more than 5 levels. Therefore, the fresh-keeping composite honeycomb packaging structure can be opened automatically under the guidance of magnetic force, and can also be considered to be applied to the fresh-keeping packaging structure of fresh cut flowers, so as to achieve a new image and better reflect the characteristics of fresh cut flower packaging

3. Functional fresh-keeping film

this kind of film can be used together, in combination, in combination with the packaging box, or separately as the inner bag of fresh cut flowers to form the first small space and environment. They mainly include films that can adsorb or remove ethylene gas, films that have CA effect to form a controlled atmosphere environment, films that prevent white fog or condensation, antibacterial and bacteriostatic films, etc

① film for adsorbing ethylene gas

it is a film made by powdering porous minerals (such as chlorite, zeolite, calcite, silica, etc.) and then stirring them into plastic raw materials. These porous minerals have the characteristics of adsorbing ethylene, with a general content of 5%. Due to the incorporation of porous substances, the permeability of this film is generally higher than that of polyethylene monomer film. In use, the ratio should be comprehensively considered from the two aspects of adsorption and permeability

② anti white Concord and condensation film

it is a film coated with a layer of anti white fog agent such as fatty acid on the monomer film, or mixed with interfacial active agent. The main purpose is to ensure that the packaging image and the value of cut flowers are not damaged

③ simple CA effect film

this is a kind of film that can reduce the supply of oxygen and increase the supply of carbon dioxide at low temperature (except for special cases, it is about 0 ℃), so as to inhibit the evaporation of water and the respiration of cut flowers in CA gas environment, so as to produce the effect of anti-aging and maintaining color freshness. For different cut flower varieties, different processes are required, including cut flower postharvest time, pretreatment, film thickness, environmental temperature, environmental humidity, storage period, etc

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