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In the middle of March, the China Coating Industry Association submitted the report on the proposal to build a regional solvent based coating safety warehouse to the relevant superior departments, hoping to eliminate the potential safety hazards in the coating industry by establishing a centralized warehouse, Reduce or even avoid safety accidents in coating enterprises

China is already a large country in coating production and consumption. In 2015, the national coating output reached 17.17 million tons, of which solvent based coatings accounted for about 50%. However, it is an indisputable fact that China's coating enterprises are large but not strong, scattered and poor, and the transportation is not standardized. In particular, in 2015, a series of safety accidents occurred, pushing the coating enterprises to the forefront

then, why do accidents occur frequently in the coating industry? How to prevent safety accidents in coating industry? On March 29, we interviewed relevant experts and enterprises in the industry

scattered enterprises are scattered like time bombs

coating, as a large family in fine chemicals, becomes a coating through coating construction, providing protection and beautification for buildings, various projects, machinery, household appliances, furniture, toys, weapons and equipment, vehicles, etc. During the "12th Five Year Plan" period, with the development of the national economy, China's coating industry developed rapidly, with a substantial increase in output and varieties

according to the statistics of China Coating Industry Association, from 2011 to 2015, China's coating output increased from 10.7951 million tons to 17.1757 million tons; The annual profit of coatings increased by 1.68 times, which is 1.07 times of the growth rate of production

"there are great risks hidden under high demand and high yield." Daimaozhen, chairman of Shandong Liandi Technology Co., Ltd., analyzed that there are up to 30% of 200s solvent oil and about 20% of resin in oily coatings, especially the paint, curing agent and diluent in home decoration coatings, which are dangerous solvent based coatings that are very easy to burn and explode, and are the culprit in the accidents of oily coatings

it is noted that in the catalogue of hazardous chemicals (2015 Edition), more than 10 generic items in the 2002 edition are merged into one generic item, that is, synthetic resins, paints, auxiliary materials, coatings and other products containing flammable solvents (closed cup flash point ≤ 60 ℃). In the product classification of coatings, the products listed in the catalogue are mainly solvent based coatings, and the output is about 49% of the total output, that is, the output in 2015 was about 8.416 million tons

"the market demand is large and profitable, resulting in many small workshop coating enterprises springing up. The extensive production of small coating enterprises is the biggest inducement to accidents." Daimaozhen told us that from the analysis of a series of safety production accidents in 2015, small paint enterprises have become accident prone groups. At present, there are more than 8000 paint production enterprises in China, including less than 2000 enterprises above designated size. The remaining 6000 are small enterprises of scattered, disorderly and poor nature. Even smaller workshop type paint processing sites are hidden in remote urban and rural residential areas, and use the night for hidden production, just like time bombs, which may cause dangerous accidents at any time

how many heavy solvent type risk factors are the hardest hit areas

when it comes to safety accidents in the paint industry, gushigang, general manager of Shandong Pentium paint Co., Ltd., believes that there are two main types of paint safety accidents. First, we introduce 1 the fire or explosion caused by its hydraulic system paint, and second, the pollution caused by the paint to the environment, resulting in poisoning of residents or painters. Solvent based coatings contain volatile organic compounds (rhetech is located in Whitmore lakevoc, Michigan), which are more prone to the above two types of accidents than water-based coatings. Therefore, solvent based coating enterprises are the safety focus in the coating industry. According to incomplete statistics, 7 of the 8 safety production accidents in paint production enterprises in 2015 were caused by fire and explosion

there are many reasons for fire and explosion. Yanyongjiang, Secretary General of Shandong coating industry association, said: "the nonstandard management of raw materials for oil-based coatings, the extended service of production equipment, the paralytic inertia of employees and other relevant people on the prohibition of fireworks, as well as the lack of understanding of potential hazard sources that may cause fire, such as vehicles, are all the causes of fire."

Yan Yongjiang believes that there are still many safety problems for coating enterprises. First of all, the running, emitting, dripping and leaking of nonstandard coating enterprises in the production process are the biggest hidden dangers of safety accidents, especially those producing solvent based coatings; Secondly, due to the small site, the production tasks of some coating enterprises exceed the original design scale, and the raw materials and finished products are mixed together, including some toxic, irritant or flammable and explosive materials, with poor ventilation; Thirdly, the production process of some coating enterprises is still in a backward state, and the workshop is not equipped with combustible gas concentration alarm, automatic fire alarm and carbon dioxide automatic fire extinguishing facilities. "The most important reason is that some coating enterprises lack a strict safety training system. They only give simple oral education to the newly recruited employees before they go to work. They do not carry out safety education on the performance and toxicity of hazardous chemicals, prevention and handling of unexpected accidents." Yanyongjiang stressed

manager Yu of Jiangsu Shuanghua coating Co., Ltd. told us that accidents can be prevented, such as strictly controlling blind fire; Inflammable and explosive raw materials shall be kept properly to avoid exposure to open fire; Check and repair the machine equipment and electrical circuits regularly to avoid mechanical accidents

insiders believe that the transportation ring of the oil-based coating makes the total zigzag angle of the sample about 180 ° knots, which also hides an accident crisis. For example, the hardware and software of the dangerous goods transport vehicle are not in place, and some dangerous goods transport vehicles are overloaded and overspeed, and are not equipped with regular escorts and operators at the same time. More seriously, in order to reduce the transportation cost, some coating enterprises hand over the coating to ordinary distribution trucks without any qualification for the transportation of dangerous goods, which undoubtedly lays a greater hidden danger for the occurrence of accidents

to eliminate hidden dangers, we must work together to build a safe warehouse.

we learned from the interview that in order to eliminate hidden dangers in the paint industry, in the past year, the China paint industry association not only published books such as the compilation of safety management in the paint industry, but also actively connected with downstream industries such as automobiles, containers, ships, construction machinery, building steel structures, and promoted the use of safe and environmentally friendly water-based coatings, Reduce the potential safety hazards in production and use from the root

it is gratifying that some national coating enterprises began to realize the importance of safety production after their development and strengthened the safety production training for their employees. For example, the 2014 safety production knowledge competition held by Huilong paint, the safety production month mobilization meeting held by Hangzhou paint company, and the special safety production month activities held by Keshun xiaohuangpu factory

sunlianying, President of China Coating Industry Association, believes that solvent based coatings are widely used in various special fields because of their unique high performance. Even after another 20 years, solvent based coatings still account for about 25% of the total amount of coatings. Solvent based coatings are easy to cause accidents. Therefore, the automotive material modification technology will face more and more challenges and opportunities. The management of the safety of solvent based coatings is not only imminent, but also has a long way to go. In order to curb the occurrence of solvent based coating accidents, China Coating Industry Association submitted the report on the proposal to build a regional solvent based coating safety warehouse to relevant national departments

according to the report, the form of warehouse preparation may vary from place to place. For the first tier cities with large consumption of coatings, more than one joint warehouse can be considered; Second tier and lower tier cities with a certain consumption of coatings may consider building a warehouse, or two or more adjacent cities may jointly prepare to build a warehouse. Large scale warehouses can be built at new sites in the existing chemical industry park; Medium scale warehouses can negotiate to build sub warehouses of solvent based coatings in the local existing hazardous chemicals warehouses; Large merchants with warehouses under construction can also assist and mobilize them to expand and upgrade their warehouses to meet the requirements of local operation of solvent based coatings

at present, China Coating Industry Association has reported to the superior departments on the preparation for the establishment of a regional solvent based coating safety warehouse to win the support of the superior departments. Subsequently, the association will further investigate in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Rim region, seek the support of local governments and the assistance of local paint associations, select a test site, and assist relevant enterprises in formulating warehouse management measures. If the pilot is successful, they will promote this model in the industry

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