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Fragmented or refined transformation of coating enterprises at the 7th golden lacquer award Leadership Forum, fangxueping, chairman of bards chemical, gave a brilliant answer and shared the dry goods with great content. In his answer to the question about the transformation and upgrading of Tu enterprises under the consumption upgrading, president Fang said that the core of bards' transformation is two points: one is the fragmentation of products, and the other is to improve the height with services. "I think the future home decoration will be very fragmented. (bards) the product series will be very, very complete. The original two products will definitely ruin the enterprise."

transformation is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in the coating industry this year. Since last year, everyone can clearly feel that the overall growth rate of the coating industry is slowing down. In the context of economic downturn, the problem of excess coating capacity has gradually emerged. The supply side reform may force the coating enterprises to carry out transformation and innovation by combining the deceleration and electromechanical in many products. In this context, coating enterprises will feel some pressure more or less. For transformation, coating enterprises also tend to be sincere. However, transformation does not mean turning around. How should we turn around? Do you want to follow the trend when you see that some enterprises are developing well

product fragmentation is an important driving force for bards' transformation and upgrading. Chenguang coating, zhanchen and other large coating enterprises are also carrying out the transformation of the same model. Chenguang coatings is on the way to diversify the industrial chain, extending a series of products from the existing advantageous products; Zhanchen entered into industrial paint while maintaining its advantages in furniture paint, and recently released industrial paint products

but should all coating enterprises transform to product fragmentation? The author believes that small and medium-sized enterprises can learn from the transformation determination and innovation of large-scale coating enterprises, but can not copy the transformation mode of large-scale coating enterprises. Compared with the huge capital and technical support of waste reduction enterprises, tens of millions of R & D investment, widely publicized technological innovation and market development regardless of cost, if small and medium-sized enterprises take the path of product fragmentation, it will undoubtedly accelerate the elimination process of their own market. Behind the transformation and upgrading is the dilemma of blind production, low average quality of coating products, serious homogenization, lack of original products and lack of core technologies. Therefore, large coating enterprises, supported by their capital, technology and comprehensive strength, can improve both quality and quantity in the process of transformation, which is impossible for small and medium-sized coating enterprises. Small and medium-sized coating enterprises should explore a direction of subdividing the field, provide corresponding coating products for the market meeting certain special needs, and provide customized services, in order to expect to improve the premium and value-added ability of products

the transformation and upgrading of the coating industry has become a problem that must be faced under the background of supply side reform. The transformation and upgrading of coating enterprises should not blindly follow the trend, but should "analyze the specific problems" on their own transformation and upgrading road according to their own enterprise development direction and strength, as the production capacity has not increased synchronously with the vigorous market demand. The author believes that the transformation and upgrading of coating enterprises can be considered from three directions: first, large and comprehensive enterprises, diversified industrial chains and product fragmentation. Second, it is small and beautiful. It meets certain market needs and has its own unique advantages. Third, service-oriented coating enterprises will not only provide products, but also play the role of overall system service providers

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