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Fresh keeping, storage and processing of winter melon

the melon with large and correct shape and dense texture shall be selected for storage when the weather is cool. The methods include normal temperature storage and local storage. The processing methods mainly include sugar, drying and pickling Generally, it is advisable to select varieties with thick meat and low water content, such as heiza No. 3, black rind wax gourd, pink rind wax gourd, etc

1. Storage method

(1) at normal temperature, he will surely usher in a new period of his own. The stacking method

will pad grass on the ground of the warehouse. The melons will be stacked on the grass as they grow in the field. Three melon stacks can be placed horizontally, with a maximum of five melons in a group. In the environment below 30 ℃, it can be stored for about 4 months. During the storage period, it must be checked frequently. If rotten melons are found, they should be treated in time

(2) local storage

select the melon that is not fully mature, wrap it with straw or straw respectively, and then tie it with rope. The typical use is to record the consumption value, load curve, voltage disturbance and harmonic wave. It can be stored for a period of time

2. Processing method

(1) wax gourd sugar

select fully mature melons with thick flesh, small pulp and no decay. The melon weight is generally 10 ~ 15kg. After cleaning the sediment on the surface with clean water, remove the thick skin on the surface, cut it horizontally into a melon circle with a width of 10 cm, remove the central melon pulp and seeds, and then cut the melon circle into small melon strips with a width of 1.5 cm. Then pour the prepared 0.6% lime milk into the tank for soaking and hardening for 8 ~ 12 hours, and then take it out and rinse it with clean water for 3 ~ 4 times. Then pour the melon strips into boiling water and scald for 5 ~ 10 minutes until the wax gourd is transparent. Take it out and rinse it with clean water, change the water once every 2-3 hours, soak it for 1 hour, then take it out, drain the water, put it in a jar, and pour 20% ~ 25% sugar solution into the pot for 8-12 hours. Then add sugar and increase the sugar concentration to 40%. 8 ~ 10 hours more. Pour the sugar solution of melon sticks into the pot, add white sugar until the sugar content is 50%, then boil and concentrate until the sugar concentration reaches 75% ~ 76%. After the melon strips are boiled and drained, if the surface is not dry enough, they can be sent to the baking room for drying. The temperature in the baking room shall not exceed 60 ℃, and the water content after thousands of drying shall not exceed 6%. After drying, take it out and put it in the operating basin, mix it with lo% white sugar powder, then use bamboo sieve to remove the excess sugar powder, and use polyethylene bags to quantitatively seal and package it

(2) dried white gourd

select the fleshy, fresh and tender white gourd. After peeling off the flesh, cut and guard 1 cm thick slices. After exposure to the sun for 8-10 hours, move them indoors or under the canopy to soften for 8-12 hours, and then bundle them up in bundles and re dry them once

(3) winter paw with sweet sauce

peel the wax gourd, empty the paw pulp and seeds, cut the melon meat into 4 pieces, add 25kg of salt per 100kg of wax gourd, put it in a jar and add salt for curing, put a layer of wax gourd and sprinkle a layer of salt. Reverse the cylinder once a day. After 15 ~ 20 days, the melon will be made. Cut the melon into 3 cm long and 1.2 cm wide pieces, soak them in a water tank for 24 hours to remove the salt, and change the water for 4 times. Take it out and put it into a cloth bag to control water for 5 ~ 6 hours. The pickled white gourd was pickled with 75kg sauce for 3-4 days, and grilled 3-4 times a day. Later, the loo kg white gourd slices were grilled with 75kg sweet sauce for 4 times a day, and then white sugar 1 per 100kg white gourd was put into use in diaphragm enterprises; As for the special material for wet process, 6kg of sugar is poured into the original soup of pickled winter melon. After boiling out the juice in the fire, the pickled winter melon is poured evenly to form a golden yellow, shiny and thick sauce flavor melon

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