Fresh keeping technology of the hottest mango and

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Preservation technology of mango and Litchi at room temperature

fresh mango is pretreated, filmed and ripened at the later stage of storage. In a word, the mango fresh-keeping technology developed in this project can be stored for 23 days at a temperature of 25 ~ 37 ℃ and a relative humidity of 85 ~ 90%, and the commercial fruit rate reaches 92.3%

fresh lychees, treated with self-developed preservative, stored for 15 days at 23 ~ 35 ℃ and rh:70 ~ 93%, the peel color remained bright red, and the commercial fruit rate reached more than 86.2%, which had good economic benefits

according to the source report, the material cost of the scientific research office of Guangxi University for nationalities is only about 1% of the price of silver/p>

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